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Oklahoma City gets Chicken Classes, but no Chicken Act yet

No Chicken Act for OKC, but there's a chicken class... look to the future OKC
No Chicken Act for OKC, but there's a chicken class... look to the future OKC
Wyandotte Lacewing chickens, courtesy of

The Oklahoma City Myriad Gardens is hosting a class on urban Chicken management this Friday, at the Crystal Bridge. The event will cover various beginner topics on chicken selection and care. That is March 14th from 12 until 1:30. Interested persons are encouraged to contact the Myriad Gardens, to reserve a spot.This class is $10 for members, $15 for non-members. (405) 445 7080 is the contact information. Here is the webpage for the Myriad Gardens Brown bag lunch is encouraged for the event.

The Chicken Class ( which perhaps may be visited by @MickChickens) is sponsored in part by Devon Energy, and is the first of a multi-part education offering on urban gardening basics. in March.

Not long ago, Oklahoma City Council members voted against an ordinance which would allow urban agrarian management of chickens on residential lots. And it was oddly predicted to fail.

It is expected that the Urban Agrarian Chicken Ordinance will be revisited and passed in the near future by the Oklahoma City Council. And remember, it's no boys allowed if it gets to OKC City Council saying "I do" to chickens in residence. Roosters (crowing) are to be prohibited, as is outdoor butchering and the number of birds is limited, as is the location and function of their residence in relation to the property and the neighbors.

The urbanization of chickens has many US cities by storm in the last 20 years, offering urban gardeners the chance to expand their repertoire of farming skills. Including having it's own Wikipedia page(s).

People keep chickens sometimes as pets and for show. Think 4-H for beauty and caring.

While others use them as a food source for eggs and meat. The level of poverty in Oklahoma City is both remarkable and advancing, with all Oklahoma City Public Schools qualifying for free breakfast and lunch.

Even when parents are working they are overtaken by the issue of being working poor. Reduction in food stamps and the heavy weight on area food banks continues to open the eyes of the public. Home food production, and having food from sustainable, renewable sources could improve nutrition and health and increase a family's self-reliance short and long term. Keeping a garden and having simple live stock is a prime opportunity for improvement, and may be a skill untapped or tradition re-awakened.

Chickens can go from egg to pullet to dinner table bird in as little as 6 weeks. Although Pullet and Hen defined here is a bit different.

This pick a chick breed comparison sheet is interesting. Readers will have to learn terms like "broody" and "settlers" to wrangle this list of chick traits.

Chicken snobbery affectionately abounds just like heirloom veggies and flowers.

Followed by these justifications of chickens as fresh meat and delicacy in rarer breeds.

Everyone seems to agree chickens can reduce insect populations in gardens and that in small number can enhance soil quality both in manure and in scratching dirt surfaces.

Chickens seem to advance into many Oklahoma City conversations. Moreso since that OKC Mayoral Election 2014. Wonder if @MickChickens will come to this OKC Myriad Gardens Chicken event? And just how did HE skirt the proposed ordin......... Hey......

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