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Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts 2014 : Performing Arts Schedule and more

Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts is ON
Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts is ON

Oklahoma City has many arts events that host exhibits of visual arts, and live musical and performance individuals, groups and ensembles of all kinds, which celebrate local, national and international artists. The 2014 OKCFA is no exception to good works, good times and plenty to see and do.

Here are 3 other events not to miss, with the 2014 Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts following:

++Here is the 2014 Festival of the Arts performing arts schedule for the entire festival

++++ Here is the 2014 ARTIST list 500 Artists applied to present at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts, and only 144 were selected.

+++++ Here is the 2014 YOUNG ARTIST LIST Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts count does not include the youth artist tent, which offers affordable first purchases for young festival visitors, and a chance to meet and greet the youth artists.

There are also stations for youth, which include the kids tent, with various art project options of make and take.

The festival is in downtown Oklahoma City, at the Myriad Gardens, just SOUTH of the DEVON TOWER. In that the DEVON TOWER can be seen for miles, as it is the tallest structure in downtown Oklahoma City, that limited direction should allow most anyone who arrives in OKC to find this park, and the events therein.

Visitors to the park will be pleased that all venues are accessible for scooter, wheelchair or stroller employing individuals. Oklahoma weather is unpredictable, however below are some truths to employ.

The thing this writer often observes is that the amount of walking is often underestimated by festival goers. Stop and take a break as often as need be.

The perimeter of the park has a fully shaded path in many but not all places. The festival is on the interior of the park, where there is often not a great amount of shade.

That the lack of SHADE in the central part of the park is a problem for some, and that bringing a sweater, water and an umbrella is a great idea if you have very small people, elderly, infirm or at all fragile individuals helps plan for all things. Oklahoma weather is tricky. This is a week of tricky weather. The park has EMS on small carts throughout, easily summoned if need be.

There is plenty of food of all kinds, from snacks to meals. Almost all if not all food and drink are somehow correlated to specific restaurants or chefs locally, and have direct connections to fundraisers for area groups. Some people eat according to taste, others for their favorite group. Most people would tell you that you probably cannot miss with either... as the basic to exotic are available always at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts. HERE IS THE FOOD VENDOR LIST for the 2014 OKC Festival of the Arts

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