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Oklahoma City emerging Mayor news

Oklahoma City emerging Mayor news
dwinslow, photoshopped El Nacional News headline


Prior : Last Fall when Oklahoma City's Dr. Ed Shadid began formally to prospect towards being a candidate for Oklahoma City Mayor, this writer began to orient articles towards what appeared to be emerging about him as a candidate from existing or made available information, not diligent research or face to face interviews. The public has access to those things. The question being is it possible to without direct core interface, obtain necessary information to understand the candidate, and reasonably predict intention based upon what is offered.

There are indeed some errors in these articles. Here are some core facts about the candidate:

Dr. Ed Shadid is a licensed, seasoned spinal surgeon, with a private practice in Oklahoma City, 45 y/o and a resident of intown OKC.

Dr. Ed Shadid is the Ward 2 Oklahoma City Councilor.

Dr. Ed Shadid is a father of 3 under 18.

Dr. Ed Shadid is registered as an Independent, who is running for Oklahoma City Mayor as same.

This writer is not a political analyst, truly not a 'reporter' and probably is closer to a trained observer in human behavior in the social environment, and bystander than anything else. Dr. Shadid is this writer's area government rep.

Many Oklahoma voters operate with just whatever is in front of them, what a religious figure instructs them to do, or what a family matriarch or patriarch or boss says is supposed to happen come time to, or not to cast a ballot. So the concept of this style of review is not so far fetched.

Point of view, ( one's opinion taking precedence) on what is available (which may also be point of fact but often isn't) seems to be common.

However, POV v. POF is a huge national trend, where lately people have bypassed even known professional functions of bodyparts and science facts, math and healthcare in lieu of what either they would like to be true, or have in that moment been told to be true.

It is also true that critical thought and discernment have literally been removed from Oklahoma schools by, and so where do people learn to consider and weigh facts?

Ghost Map is a favorite read, a 2006 or so NYT best seller. Ghost Map chronicles a London safe water issue, and shows who, during that time frame had power, why and what emerged in combination to solve the problem. Locus of control, education, willingness to be taught and learn to reason a situation to best and safest answers came from multiple failures and deaths. Making core decisions that seemed irrational to the community at the time, saved lives and advanced scientific thought. The two primary players were a faith leader with a tremendous ability to observe and document, and an MD who had scientific knowledge and desire for a healthful community water supply. This book is a fun read, because it chronicles a problem from the trajectory of the known sciences and medical practices of the time, social practices and religious practices.

These articles appear in reverse order to their presentation on the web, and the election is roughly 2 weeks away.

Forum #1 Mayoral Election

Voter apathy, what is it made of ?

Voter ID and OSCN

Nada for Cornett and debates

Public Safety Townhall

Meet your neighbors and plan to vote

Realistic reasonable logical II


Convention Center Townhall

MLK Day Parade

Alternatives to debate

Urban Agrarian

Petition for Maps 3

Public Health

Judges and the public

Realistic, reasonable, logical I


Maps Sidewalk glitches

Reception gift by 8


Humor and parody accts arrive

Grand Dad's Bar event

OKC effective additions to transit

Area picnic guest

Better safety on sidewalks/roads

General realities of sidewalk committee plans

Dispensing logical disruptions for growth

Former mayors and their professions, how THEY were selected for the job of OKC Mayor

H& 8th


Hispanic and minority growth in general change the plains

Mayoral Rally

Point of View versus Point of Fact

Ethics for anyone to be mayor

Kick off campaign

Space selected for headquarters

Scuttle on street, in blogs and news attempts to distract from Shadid core positive traits

Bid announced first

Emerging voice on issues of transit.

First consultant to speak

Event a success

Using provided materials to understand process of selection and success

Naming facts

Public transit changes administrative staffers:

With roughly two more weeks of events, speaking engagements and forums, possibly formal debates, there is surely more information that can emerge about this candidate. His presentation has been solid and additional information is available on @EdShadid on Twitter and on FB

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