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Oklahoma City : Dr. Ed Shadid hosts a Public Safety Townhall Meeting

Dr. Ed Shadid hosts a Public Safety Townhall Meeting in NW Oklahoma City
Dr. Ed Shadid hosts a Public Safety Townhall Meeting in NW Oklahoma City
office of ed shadid for mayor photoshoppped

FB for Dr. Ed Shadid identified an open invitation for February 13, 2014 at 630pm at the Francis Tuttle VoTech Reno Campus for any parties interested in OKC safety issues. Latest event? the Public Safety Townhall Meeting.

Townhall meetings present at least two planned opportunities, one is for the public to gather and pose questions, and the other is for the meeting administrator ( Dr. Ed Shadid) to provide information about systems and projected plans for safety for Oklahoma City.

The third byproduct is that these meetings are typically well attended, and it isn't difficult to find other like minded persons, who wish to see OKC get to better.

Individual leading the investigative process for a 2009 OKC safety/law enforcement study is noted to be the primary professional consultant who will present and answer questions on February13th at the OKC Public Safety Townhall Meeting.

Here is the PDF for information on Oklahoma safety and law enforcement needs from 2009.

The public is invited to RSVP for the OKC Public Safety Townhall Transit to Dr. Ed Shadid's office via the FB acct or by calling his Oklahoma City Mayoral Election 2014 campaign office (405) 212-3068, or emailing

The meeting is planned for Francis-Tuttle Vo-tech, Reno location, is near a four square mile area with highest crime rate in OKC. The hotspot crime area? Try the southern border of NW10th Street and ends North at NW 27th Street , flanked by a western border of North Council Road and North Meridian Avenue on the East.

The proper street address for Francis-Tuttle Vo-tech Reno Campus Address : 7301 West Reno Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73127. There is free parking on the property, and the proper entrance will be marked.

This facility is also served by the # 23 OKCMetroTransit ( or Embark if that has hatched truly) and can be served by MetroLink with an advance registration.

Brand new video for this event.

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