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Oklahoma City Archbishop calls Black Mass 'obviously horrendous'

Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley has called the planned "Black Mass" to take place in that city's Civic Center "obviously horrendous," saying that it is clearly meant to cause offense not only to Catholics, but to other members of the State's diverse communities of Christians. “There are common standards of decency that civic-minded people uphold that are necessary for constructive public discourse, and this violates all of those standards,” the Archbishop told Catholic News Agency on Wednesday, “this is a mockery of one faith, a hostile act toward a significant faith community, the Catholic community.” The planned event is “truly offensive to a significant segment of their population, that is the Catholic, and the Christian community at large,” the Archbishop said.

“Oklahoma is a very church-minded community; there are not many Catholics here, but a great majority are Christian, and this is really an affront to all Christian believers, and I think the more people are recognizing that, the more they're willing to speak up.” Archbishop Coakley has spoken out against the planned Satanic ritual since it was made clear earlier this month that it would take place. This is not the first year that Satanists have staged a public blasphemy at the civic center in Oklahoma's Capital City. “I give the benefit of the doubt to those who allowed this civic center to be booked by a satanic group for the purpose of a black mass, because my suspicion is that whoever booked it had no idea what a black mass is, how offensive such a thing is,” the prelate said, “initially there was ignorance, I think, about what they were getting into.”

“I think the more people here in Oklahoma, as well as around the country, have heard about this, and reflected upon what exactly it entails, the more outraged, and upset, people have become,” declared the Archbishop, "what they intend to do with that consecrated Host is offensive beyond description.” Archbishop Coakley said that his intent is to educate people about what he called a “terribly disturbing development in our community, and I think one of the things people need to realize, is this is inviting very dark and evil forces into our community. I think I have an obligation, we have an obligation, to do what we can do to prevent that from happening – unleashing spiritual influences which are harmful and destructive.”

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