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Oklahoma bodies found in lake: Cold cases solved with 6 bodies in watery grave

Six bodies that were found in two separate cars at the bottom of an Oklahoma lake opened two cold cases from more than 40 years ago. The autopsies done have determined how these people died along with giving investigators enough clues to piece together how they ended up at the bottom of this lake, according to the Huffington Post on Aug. 9.

Six bodies pulled from two cars in Foss Lake are from cold cases over 40 years ago. Cause of death released.
CBS News Screen grab

When police were testing sonar equipment back in September they discovered not one, but two cars, which were sitting side by side buried under the mud at the bottom of the lake. The cars were pulled out of the lake and each car had three people inside, totalling six bodies all together.

The two cold cases of missing persons dated back from 1969 and 1970. The 1952 Chevrolet and the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro were pulled out of Foss Lake, which is located in the western part of the state.
Jimmy Allen Williams, 16, Thomas Michael Rios, 18, and Leah Gail Johnson, 18, were last seen on their way to Elk City to attend a football game riding in Williams' Camaro on Nov. 20, 1970, according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

According to The Telegraph from back in September, the 1959 Chevy was believed to have belonged to 69-year-old Alvi Porter, but the identities of the two other bodies were not released when first discovered. Back in September, Porter’s family said they believed it was his car found, but they had no idea who the two people were with Porter.

Autopsies done on Williams, from the Camaro and of Cleburn Hammack, 42, one of the passengers in the 59 Chevy, showed that both man appeared to have drowned. There were no signs of trauma and police do not expect foul play.

Hammock was last seen riding in a car with two other people in Canute, which is about 15 miles from the car’s watery grave in Lake Foss. The names of the two other people in the car that Hammock was riding in have not been released pending more tests and notification of next of kin.

The cars were under water near the main concrete boat dock on the lake, just 12-feet apart. Police believe the cars ended up in the water due to the way the road narrows into the concrete dock, according to the Canada Journal. Perhaps they didn’t realize that the road ended and the cars continued into the lake.

Two cars, which were carrying three people each, go missing about a year apart and both ended up at the bottom of the same lake, almost on top of one another. Doesn't this appear to be one bizarre coincidence?

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