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OKCupid V.S. Zoosk

Are you new to online dating? Do you want to try meeting guys online but don't know which the best sites are? Two dating sites are OkCupid and Zoosk. Here are the differences between both of them.

OkCupid is free and it is good for guys and girls who are young. Of course other people can go on it but young people are more likely to go on this site than OkCupid makes you answer questions to filter out what you are not looking for so you get a better match what you are looking for. You get to meet guys in your area and best of all it is free.

Zoosk on the other hand is free but may not be the best way for you to find love. No matter what you put on your profile you will not get what you want. There are no questions to ask and you can't see how compatible you are with other members. If you want to talk to someone you have to pay. It states that it is free but once you get set up you have to pay so in the end it is not free. It only sets you up with guys from a certain location. It sets you up with guys who are far away from you, even in other states than in your local neighborhood.

If you are young and looking for love and do not want to spend money try giving a try. It is free and you are guaranteed a better match than you are on some other sites.

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