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OKCPS School Board: 2 selections of note

OKCPS School Board; 2 selections of note
OKCPS School Board; 2 selections of note
OKCPS Advanced student art, hung at the Administration Building

Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation has an active Twitter account, which often follows the OKCPS School Board meetings and announcements closely. @OKCPSFoundation.

This week, OKCPS Foundation noted that OKCPS School Board has identified a candidate of the 3 considered, and voted to extend an invitiation to contract for employment. The person has 5 years to manage the question. The candidates are not publicly named, and the profile for employment is available on the OKCPS web page.

The local news, The Black Chronicle identified that many community leaders had interjected a protest that at Dr. Arthur W. Stellar had not been included in the selected candidates. The Black Chronicle cited letters of recommendation as well as notes of concern forwarded to the OKCPS interim School Board Superintendent, Mr. David Lopes.

A national search company was employed by the OKCPS School Board to finalize the 3 candidates from which this final selection came. About 60,000 was spent in that process to deliver a suitable candidate, under the local direction of the Board Chairman, Mr. Lynn Hardin and Head of the Executive Search Team, Mr. Gary Solomon.

Upon the acceptance of the contract, the Superintendent candidate will be revealed to the public as the Superintendent. Most community members this writer spoke to, identified not knowing there was a selection process on, nor who was being considered nor just what the job entails.

The other notable news is that OKCPS School Administration will be moving from the site at 911 North Klein, to a site at 6th and North Classen. The City purchased a bank building, and it will be made available for the Administration.

The current primary building appears is quite a large old high school from the 1920's or 1930's. It is unclear if that site will be razed or looked at for renovations and retrofitted again as a High School. The location is very central and the lot large.

Area schools in Downtown, Midtown and Uptown have all been sold and dedicated for other use for special populations in art, science,math, music, drama, high risk or pregnant students.

All Oklahoma City Public Schools are Title I, receiving financial supports for breakfast and lunch. Most schools continue to struggle with attendance and scores. Recent concerns have been regarding relocation of students due to a shortage of classrooms, particularly South of the Oklahoma River.

The OKCPS school year ends in June, and it is expected the new Superintendent will begin working over the Summer Break. Mr. Lopez has identified plans to remain in place, in order to provide support for the person and the system for a smooth transition.

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