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OKCFest 2014 : Free community family friendly music event Part 2, slideshow

OKCfest Sunday music included a Jazz tent, which featured tables, fans and the option of restaurant catered meals. Funny to think, this same area in winter is the ice skating rink. The Jazz tent schedule was : DEEP DEUCE CELEBRATION CHOIR 11:30 AM. CARL MOORE & THE POCKET DOCTORS 1:00 PM, WALTER TAYLOR III / TAYLOR MADE JAZZ 2:00 PM.

Zocalo!  This collection of girls all had on beautiful hairbows #OKCfest 2014

All ages attended the two separate sites at the Myriad Gardens, Jazz in the tent, and Latin music on the Great Lawn on Sunday.

Earlier points of performance in the festival looked like this, snagged from #OKCfest2014 Facebook page.

This event was sponsored by The Oklahoman, and El Nacional, BlacInc and the Black Chronicle. A number of other sponsors listed. UBER was very visible just behind the stage, and ICEBOX had a number of vending cube trailers across the park.

The listing of sponsors for SUNDAY as a day was not noted on the homepage for #OKCfest, and other places that might cite information, like the OKC Hispanic Chamber, or El Nacional also did not. And many notices for Hispanic featured radio or news. appeared throughout the park for

Other groups, had booths across the perimeter of the Great Lawn, announcing things like the Santiago family chain of McDonald's restaurants.

Noted also were things like the Girl Scouts, and various health providers, like the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic.

Some people brought full picnics and set up on the hills behind the Great Lawn, or in the wooded space between the Jazz tent and the Great Lawn, others came after they had been out to eat elsewhere, and still others dined at the available food sources.

People moved freely about the park, and often children would come forward soaking wet, either from the water chanel near the Great Lawn, or from the spray park over by the Children's Playground, and tease a relative by laying a wet hand or foot on them. Tag, lawn rolling, chase and hide and seek along with dance lessons and napping were common with the 10 and under crowd. A nominal number of teens were present, but they moved in the standard groups often dressed in minor variations of the same thing.

Live music is a community enriching and encouraging event, and events like this continue to expand Oklahoma City into a bigger, better place.

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