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OKC sexual assault response: Discover power and control (Part 5)

Power and control, how it messes up sexual assault response and other things.
National domestic violence hotline issued this copy.

Funny to start an OKC article with a link from recent news on sexualized assault, power and control, but see this because it is nothing but. This clearly doesn't have anything to do with the OKC high profile case of an OKC employee reportedly committing various crimes against citizens, in fact it is a complete reversal, as a female US Marshall in her off hours, was assaulted by a male in the community. Power and control.

A fellow retired professional recently noted that sexual assault investigations and response are often distorted to failure by two things, politics and religion. Where does this come up or does it in Oklahoma City sexual assault response? This writer would add to that marginalization on issues of sexism, classism, racism, ageism and gender bias.

The power and control wheel in the graphic is taken from Florida State University, and is a commonly shared point of information to explain dynamics in interpersonal violence. This is the originating link, and all the forms of this type diagram in multiple languages, and actually multiple subjects.

Interpersonal violence has hit the news often recently. Teen dating violence Many people seriously misunderstand this concept. Basically, what it says is that kids as young as 3rd grade and more typically around 5th grade get into social behavior patterns which can exacerbate into acts of physical, sexual and emotional violence at later ages, often showing up in dating relationships. Failure to understand this question, makes it impossible to understand and answer, anticipate and prevent. Failure to share this is an issue of power and control.

Oklahoma has an "abysmal" literacy level, of about 3rd grade The Metro Library further breaks this out here and

In Oklahoma, sex education is not taught in schools and most faith communities do not have classes for parents and youth on sexual development, or mores in their communities, sexual health or reproductive health. Oklahoma by law does not teach critical thinking skills. All these things build to a lack of information, and a lack of ability to discern what is happening, both for youth and adults who guide them elected officials or not.

An internationally true facet on the absence of information, misinformation and/or manipulation is called gaslighting, after that famous 1944 film of the same name. Dr. Sam Vaknin is an expert on this narcissistically based conversational pattern, which includes distortion and scripting situations to get a result Listeners who fail to understand this exists in interpersonal violence do a huge disservice to victims and witnesses. It is common and diverse in it's presentation and many people have seen this up and running, interpersonally or in systems, but do not understand it has a name.

Oklahoma does not have Erin's Law, which is a protocol developed by a professionally degreed social worker, who vowed that having survived sexual abuse as a child, no child should suffer as she did. Having Erin's Law would simply and directly answer to some of that set of problems noted over multiple environments, helping systems, families and youth be better prepared to address sexual assault. Failure to provide this is an issue of power and control.

College rape is another effort to promote understanding of the prevalence of the issue of sexualized and sex assaults, and

Understand that college rape has studied some pretty specific things it. One is that they asked questions in a new way, inviting the respondent to understand what qualifies as sexualized interactions, looking at minor behaviors which often precede carnal knowledge, rape. This small to large incident scale looks more closely at what happened, and in turn provides some education to the respondent. In best practices, this lethality list, this risk list, this list of acts, notes the power and control begins with smaller behaviors, and illustrates also what upper level risks are. For instance, choking is at the top of interpersonal violence in potential to actually kill, which escapes the understanding of many victimized. They knew it was a problem, even knew it was a big problem, but the did not know that their life was at risk.

The current answer to this college rape issue, is to generate an MOU, a memorandum of understanding, is a type of super important letter that bullets procedures, or agreed upon plans of how a known problem that needs a standard to be dealt with so everyone gets the same message and sings from the same hymnal. It is signed between one or more parties, and designates certain ways to answer a problem as acceptable, and may dispense money or rules in order to help something get to a desired result. This MOU on college rape is from the federal government, from the stance of educational rules of what universities have to have in place to answer and prevent the issue of college rape. It completely bypasses law enforcement, HHS or community mental health, sexual assault response teams in community or anything the public might think of as a starting point on sex assaults.

This writer's chronic question to date, is if other such MOU exist, about the handling of sexual assault and who knows what those are, and where are they held, who uses them, when were they created and how could the public or the Oklahoma City Council see those if in fact they exist. Is there anything which holds Oklahoma City into a pattern of low, improper or failed response when it comes to sexual assault response. This is called risk management, or hazard mitigation. How would the public find and name tenets building a problem, and then who controls those things, thereby what is the method to change those things. This question has been repeatedly ask in other environments, here is an unanswered example of that approximate question applied to a work reduction model and this actually appears to match a training document, seemingly misused in a work reduction act.

Polaris Project, a human trafficking prevention program, had two doctoral level fellows map nationally responses to human sex trafficking. Since it is a question, how to map what is or is not in place, what is or is not working, things like this site provide valuable exact language, and clues of what to apply for betterment in policy, custom, law and response procedures or services. This again is a separate, but related topic, and it shows the reader things like which states have minimal compliance, and which states get the 'A' paper. In that Oklahoma has been a top listed community for interpersonal violence, and for child sex trafficking, it seems odd there is not a greater push for a more thorough response. Again, if noone in government will pay for baseline responses like daily police coverage, it follows that this importance will be lost and untended to catastrophe. Here is Polaris suggested model for proper response.

Dr. Gene Abel is a psychiatrist out of Atlanta, who is a world specialist in understanding about perpetrators of sexual abuse. This document he prepared for the US Congress is a decent paper to cut teeth on, if a reader has never seen this material before. This document shows information about traits of perpetrators, and even some traits of victims, which dovetails prior shares in this article.

Abel holds sexual assault is a public health menace. In Oklahoma, given that, it is remarkable that the Oklahoma City County Health Department, nor the Oklahoma Department of Health is involved in the process of developing and managing measurably effective responses to sexual assault, or following services for victims, witnesses and perpetrators. It is also remarkable, that on a national or international level, the CDC interpersonal violence head, who also sits over the same topic for WHO says that problems in report and process have never been studied by their offices.

Brent Warberg, LCSW, a former FBI agent who eventually worked with Abel identifies that perpetrators begin assaulting as early as 8th grade. Sex offender status in most states is not declared exactly as that until adulthood. But see that Abel document for more on same. Most perpetrators have as many as 250 victims, and 250 acts per victim. An act, defined as each single interaction of words, or touch.

Again, surely one can see the importance of a provided advancing list of complaint... and why it is important to go over each thing individually, so the report can be exacting or comprehensive, and a true reflection of what happened. Beyond the potential limitations listed above for any Oklahoma reporting party, victimized persons are unduly stressed, perhaps even traumatized and often have predictable particular needs in communication. Power and control is exercised against the victim and reporting party,

Best practices interviews include a pre-printed list reviewed point by point with the reporting party and victim, narrative evaluative questions which are in a pre-determined format and the client being allowed to make a freehand or dictated statement of the events in their own words. Best practices interviews include a seasoned, degreed, licensed, specialty credentialed interviewer, who has a skill set to accurately and thoroughly record what is shared, ask probing logical inter-related questions, guard the interview process as a highly protected interaction, protect the records of this process, and INVESTIGATE thoroughly what is shared in a meaningful best practices series.

This is guided by ethics, and Oklahoma actually has no ethics laws guiding anyone's behavior in government, beyond those professionally licensed, and in campaign funding. Neither of those ethics laws apply to the service continuum of sexual assault response, or even to the Oklahoma City Council's effort to understand sexual assault response.

Whose job is it to make sure that Oklahoma City has the very best, most accurate sexual assault response contium? This series persists in considering that dilemma.

Daniel Holtzclaw, the accused patrolman in the Oklahoma City case against 8, faces the option as of this week to possibly be released on a reduced bond. The Oklahoma Court who opened the complaint against Holtzclaw, made an unconstitutional decision, failing to use the approved formula prescribed by state law for figuring bond, assigned wrongly 5 million dollars bond. How often are any Oklahoma employees, in city, county or state government making up the rules and not following either a state prescribed process, or national best practices response to anything? How frequent is this problem in any form, and how many times does this cost the successful processing of the case to understand the problem or problems afoot in order to determine what next right things are, in investigation, prosecution or change in policy, custom or law?

Why do citizens have to constantly chase down government, with an attorney, often in court in order to get a right response?

Remember what Dr. Michelle Alexander said, (which can boil down to listen to the criminal, victimized and witnesses or advocates) as their account may hold more truth than systems process and FAILURES against both people identified as victims and convicted, than anything else may reflect.

Incentivism, failure to measure workproduct in regular audit, failure to change according to improved understanding of standards and practice, failure to understand an audience. All subject anyone in the public to victimization by default or in exaction.

Remember what Mr. Red Corn said, as it is time to stop being both complicit and complacent.

Who will be focused, who will be achievement oriented to hold that Oklahoma City MUST develop a better more effective process to address sexual assault response. For victims, witnesses and the accused, and those who work up these cases in response. And those who monitor and advocate for better, who may never be visible, may never be heard.

Who holds the bias, who perpetuates the bias, who funds the bias, who benefits from the bias and is it in fact, like that MOU, is the power and control on failed response and poor work product held somewhere the public never thought to look, driven by policy, custom or law.... or merely a refusal or inability to find necessary details to look.

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