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OKC Petition closer to unification and solidarity in plans: Stellar move

OKC 2014 Petition for Convention Center and MAPS3 questions is ON!
OKC 2014 Petition for Convention Center and MAPS3 questions is ON!
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OKC Petition progresses. Dr. Ed Shadid gets court approval for unprecedented move to petition public vote to retain or drop city improvement money plan called MAPS3 and a Convention Center.

This morning, per the FB page of OKC Mayoral 2014 Candidate and OKC Councilor, Dr. Ed Shadid, his campaign office is an ongoing place to sign up the recently hatched petition asking for a citywide vote on issues of spending, planning and building in Oklahoma City. 723 N Hudson, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 | (405) 212-3068 So that should answer where to sign the MAPS3 Convention Center petition. The petition is also at announced locations across the city on various days, watch the FB page for Dr. Shadid OKCMayoralRace2014 or @EdShadid on Twitter.

Persons who wish to sign up to seek signatures in Oklahoma City should contact Dr. Ed Shadid's office regarding the process to do so.

Here is a synopsis of the issue from Dr. Ed Shadid MAPS3

This review follows systematic consideration of issues along the same lines of thought as prior concerns.

News reviews in the last 24 hours, including the Oklahoman regularly tossing commentary as facts or information, implying Shadid and followers enacting a devisive split between intowners and suburbanites in calling the concept forward for a public vote instead of moving in blind process, with data witheld. The Black Chronicle released Friday, that as Dr. Shadid had not posted his questions during his City Council run for Ward2, it was probably best he manage it as one does with wedding vows, an plan to keep his peace instead of say his piece/peace.

Oklahoma has a long history of holding position even when it is not in the best interest of the situation. The history has been patriarchal, with the public being discouraged from sharing in understanding the full range of choices and what the short and long term outcomes will be. Information even on this subject from the involved players at City Hall and the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce that might make the public think twice.

As with the ongoing sifting of options with the OKC Metro Transit and Transit in general in the greater Oklahoma City area, more information is available, and just like updating apps on a phone, the flexibility with which any situation can be managed is pretty important, to get the best and longest lasting improvements available for whatever subject is being discussed.

Oklahoma has removed critical thought from the learning process of young persons in our state education systems.

Dr. Shadid continues to practice, hold and show these principles in consideration of options. Dr. Shadid's actions are clarifying, allowing the public to make better decisions which will ultimately be more unified as they will be current commitments of current residents with current understandings of what is currently available.

Here are some additional local reviews of the problems at hand:;jsessionid=NMUXLPi...

Teaching your kids critical thought starts young and is a lifelong process in and out of the home.

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