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OKC Mayoral Candidacy 2014: The art of taking the negative to the positive

Dr. Ed Shadid formally files for candidacy for the Oklahoma City Mayoral Race 2014
Dr. Ed Shadid formally files for candidacy for the Oklahoma City Mayoral Race 2014
edshadid campaign office photoshopped

Dr. Ed Shadid shadowed by news personnel and accompanied by family posted notice and photos in an emailed announcement late January 29th, 2014, Wednesday afternoon that he had formally filed as a candidate for the Oklahoma City Mayoral Race 2014. Shadid is one of three individuals seeking the spot as of Wednesday. Oklahoma City has been hosted by a Republican Mayor for more than 10 years, and Oklahoma is noted by most to be a Republican state. Dr. Ed Shadid is running on the Democratic Party ticket, and has years of affiliation with the Green Party.

Shadid, completed necessary papers and questions in order to have his name on the ballot for the polling, which will happen March 4th, 2014 across Oklahoma City.

Currently actively functioning in the role of Ward 2 City Councilor, Shadid has been addressing many issues that have been cloaked, or on which communications between planners and city dwellers have been absent, strained or repeatedly disengaged. This review of questions and negatives, followed by call for answers and positive actions based in constructive, fact based planning methods in the best interest of the public mark Shadid's actions to date.

Candidacy celebration has been marked for Friday, January 31, 2014... Chinese New Year... at a gallery tucked between Midtown and 10/Penn. Isvtan hosts a large number of artist's work, and comfortably inhabits a series of renovated buildings on North Western. This property is located just SOUTH of the Classen/Western split at 13th or just NORTH of 10th and Western.

RSVP to the Shadid office is requested.