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OKC Mayor Mick Cornett fact: 3rd dismissal of the public for Forum #3

OKC Mayoral Election 2014 Forum #3 results: OKC Government could use a hand
OKC Mayoral Election 2014 Forum #3 results: OKC Government could use a hand
Martin van den Bogaerdt ,Panoramio photoshopped "The Handthrower", Belgium

Stunning and unprecedented 3rd dismissal of the public, Cornett a no show for Forum #3 of OKC Mayoral Elections Candidates 2014 held last night in Crown Heights neighborhood in Oklahoma City at 7pm. Sitting Mayor of Oklahoma City, Mick Cornett did again not show up for a public event that would allow people to see him and inquire as to his intentions of renewing his role as Mayor.

@MickChickens the costumed character from TWITTER was present for the OKCMayoralElections2014 Forum#3. So were formal candidates for OKC Mayor, Mr. Hughes, and Mr. Nelson and Dr. Shadid, and a host of curious neighbors.

Sitting Mayor Mick Cornett's seat sat empty for this, third public event. Cornett has refused professionally managed debate and various interview requests from independent news @RedDirtReport.

It is remarkable that the Oklahoma Chapter of the League of Women Voters has not managed to pull together a formal debate either, and they are the typical sponsor of professionally managed, televised debates nationwide. @LWV has not influenced any change in this non-action.

Other cities average about 3 public debates per election, but as many as 16 could happen. Every debate provides candidates the option to share their platform for the office pursued, and to reply to the questions tossed by the debate host, or the public. Typically these are televised, and provide a three dimensional view of candidates, in a forum familiar to the public.

It was noted today, that it is not clear who is sponsoring the extensive array of online and televised shorts, print ads and such for Mick Cornett, who is a prior OKC news television personality said to have heavy connections to the Gaylord family of media outlets which are previously or actually owned by that same family. Here's one. Not sure where this "all the good that is OKC" was shot. One AA female, everyone else... looks uhm..... pretty...unrealistically ..... uh..... white.

Shadid has noted an absence of unaccounted for donations, and posted notices all have clear financial histories. This has resulted in limited use of print or visual ads. His campaign has been boots on the ground, with support from OKC's Fraternal Order of Police and various other service organizations, including an OKC newspaper The City Sentinel.

Hughes and Nelson have limited or no visibility in these realms, and virtually no questions have come up about their marketing presence or it's funding. Repeatedly, Nelson has cited plans to vote for Shadid. And both of these candidates have odd purpose.

16 Neighborhoods ( Douglas/Edgemere, Mesta Park, Shepard, Central Park, Glen Oaks, Grant Point, Helm Farm, Harrison-Elm, JFK, MayFairHeights , RiverBend Estates, RiverPark, Skyline, WilshireRidge, Zachary Taylor) did gather together to host Forum #3, so area Oklahoma City residents could see and hear the candidates live in a Q and A Forum #3.

Some facts that were related by the candidates in the Forum #3 were :

OKCPD response time to 911 call, second to understaffing runs about 11-15 minutes ( at best) where other cities are 4-5 minutes.

2 of 3 emergency room adult admissions in Oklahoma City are related to drug ( prescription or street drug) or alcohol issues.

The lack of a proper continuum of services for addictions and mental health services results in revolving admissions ( frequent flyers between jail and ER).

That Mick Cornett has had a recent history of out of town, regular excursions to New York, reducing his physical time in Oklahoma City monthly, and reportedly presenting as some version of exhaustion or lowered awareness of circumstances, need or issues in Oklahoma City.

Securing better funding for OKC MetroTransit could be applied to the service hours, service scope and auxillary services like bus stops and shelter improvements.

Things that emerged in Forum #3 were similar to things posted in other events.

One is that Cornett continues to refuse to acknowledge the public in dialogue, with debate and this was cited as elitism, marginalization and some version of exclusivity and snobbery.

People at this meeting were voiciferous about his absence. Reflections on Mick Cornett's performance, especially over the last 2 years seems reinforce the question of Cornett's fantasy view of Oklahoma City as evidenced by this video which features virtually all white citizenry for Oklahoma City.

Candidates present for the Forum #3 don't get a white board, newsprint or SmartBoard to illustrate points as they speak. Many have provided outlets on FB or in print elsewhere, but have no immediate access to that in the hour long Forum 1, 2 or 3.

Points of illustration that were so dense in content that could benefit from connecting information, merely based upon group responses were not many in number but were intertwined in the public understanding of the progression of answers given by the candidates.

The public has been so deflected in Oklahoma from participating in discussions about government that many people don't have some of the basic vocabulary down, which makes the public who does want to advocate struggle to find points of entry to pick a proper candidate, to develop critical pathways for change and to understand the underbelly of complex and unhappy current circumstances of development. ( JFK neighborhood, Lyrewood and the area around Francis Tuttle's Reno Campus were all mentioned).

So this is some of what was brought up about groups who hold decision making power, and that these groups in their respective areas don't have committee members representative of the areas. The committees across the board in OKC don't have women or minority representation that matches the populations affected and members of the public find their efforts to question or challenge or change the drain of resources and influx of unwanted are ineffective.

First is a definition of the TIF mentioned, then is the actual webpage for OKC TIF ( government) and then are two sites with persuasive edge ( not clear what the funding resource is behind these).

TIF what is this opportunity? general Actual TIF in place in OKC Handout TIF 2011

Two commentaries from area webpages... how do you know who is ALEC or not? Community group, may be DBA. Commerce related news, OKC

Other things that came up about OKC government that were furthering concepts for issues were:

1.) That OKC has not had a comprehensive plan for city operations and growth in 30 years.

2.) That OKC has had multiple studies done regarding staffing and patterns for law enforcement and other resources, and recommendations have been ignored.

3.) OKC primary City Planner has left, as have some core staff under him, second to disillusionment with direction for any city plans.

4.) OKC primary public transit head left, as did another administrator and so both jobs are open.

5.) OKC city government structure is antiquated, and does not reflect a city of this size. Locus of control for the city is held in one job, City manager, and that person has been in the job for 13 years. What the method to audit effectiveness of this style of direction, as well as efficiency and longterm sustainability was unclear. Also, options to revamp it in simple terms were not stated, but noted to be possible.

6.) OKC Mayor has limited power, and functions almost exactly as the council members, one equal vote. This job has the power to appoint people into committees and within planning groups, and in that has the option to roll attentions to "corporate slavery" ( making decisions in response to actual gifts, promises or gifts in kind) or to appoint persons in these sitting groups that reflect : a) the city population make up as a whole, b) who is effected by the decisions and c) consideration of ethnicity, cultural needs or economic climate development needs.

7.) Public Transit fixes discussed spread across state and federal topics, with some comments reviewing improved constant funding sources would provide answers to multiple citywide transit problems.

8.) Availability to the Mayoral job, beyond sitting in City Council Meetings seems to be a key issue to people and situations, policy and law and opportunities being better understood.

9.) The petition for voting on the issue of MAPS3 final spending and the Convention Center is entering it's final phase of signatures, and is expected to be filed in a timely manner so these issues can come to public vote.

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