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OK-things really getting serious now-bacon prices soaring

Piglets are dying and pork demand is going up resulting in pork prices rising.
Piglets are dying and pork demand is going up resulting in pork prices rising.
Scott Barder-USDA

Who is there in the world, who does not like bacon? It is known that bacon is a staple of life for most men and many women feel the same way. Now they tell us the price of bacon could rise steeply. Are we going to take this lying down?

If we cannot afford bacon whose price is said to have gone up 13 % in February alone, what will we do? There will be a lot of naked eggs and hamburgers that didn’t quite meet the upper echelon for taste.

Reports tell us all this heartache is caused by something called PEDv. What do those ominous letters stand for? It is the acronym for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus. It never was an issue in the past; we never had it in our country before. In May of last year it made its way from China though it is unsure how it is spread. Since its horrendous arrival, it has been the reason for over 6 million deaths among piglets.

This is expected to cause an 11% shortage of pork in 2014. It also means the margin for pork could reach $60 a head. This is a serious problem as pork has become the go to meat since the cost of beef skyrocketed recently. Even poultry prices are on the rise and now with pork being scarcer and rising in price, vegetarianism may gain some favor.

The carnivores among us are certainly not ready to settle for soy beans and veggie burgers. We want meat! Pigs are around even in adequate supply, but because of this expected virus, slaughterhouses are hoarding them and waiting it out for a higher price.

The bottom line is that if you wish to pig out on meat, expect the price at the butcher to take a bigger bite out of your pocketbook.

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