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OK, Is the Mrs. degree really that good for sexuality and relationships?

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Photo By; Michael Schuessler

Yes you too can find out how to get that MRS degree today. The income bracket you find yourself in might exceed your wildest dreams. You’ll get that car, the house and the white picket fence, maybe even a child or two. Even that high-end pedigree pet you want so much, yes that’s the goal and MRS degree can get it to you today! Now remember that the MRS. degree is only available at the finest of schools, no community colleges or online classes available. You might find it available at these lesser areas of study, but why take the chance? This is your future that we are talking about!

The MRS degree can give you the tools you need to expand your life’s dreams ‘Satisfaction’ maybe… for a while, but really at what expense?

So why am I, a man, who focuses his writing skills on Sexuality, Sensuality and Relationships, writing about the Mrs. Degree? Well… I consider myself a man that can change the world. I can help those who cannot help themselves through my words and through my experiences. I can even help the most inexperienced of lovers to overcome their insecurities and re-kindle their relationship. I pride myself in knowing the inns-and outs (wink) of all the aspects of relationships. Sensuality, sexuality, relationships, that’s my thing, and that is why I bring up this Degree I recently found out about.

Funny thing… as I was lying next to my lover last night, and as we were catching our breath, embracing, she told me about this MRS degree, she was telling me about a friend’s daughter who had gotten that degree and was now getting married. I asked, “How many credits and/ or years does it take to get that degree?” She looked at me with amazement, grinned and said, “Are you kidding?” I replied, “No.” I thought it was pretty cool that a young lady could get a degree and also find a husband, what a confidence builder. She smirked and said, “That’s what a MRS degree is, it’s for finding a husband…” OK call me dull brained after great sex, but really… I was amazed that colleges offered courses on how to find a husband and get married. An actual degree in marriage! I thought… nice that would be a good place for my book, ‘The Holy G-rail’ it’s about relationships and communication, how perfect is this? Maybe I should approach them? So I continued a little perplexed at the idea, and said, “So what do they teach, etiquette, proper cooking, how to please your partner, and sensuality training??” That was it… nothing like a good Laugh after sex! She busted out laughing uncontrollably… Ok now I felt stupid, not sure why, but pretty red in the face. After about what seemed like 10 minutes, She replied, “Don’t you get it… MRS Degree?” My eyes still looking at her in confusion… “It’s when a woman goes to college to find a husband…” OK… I’m still looking at her not answering, “Mrs.” She exclaimed, “Like Mrs. Jones, the only reason they go to college is to find a husband they do not go for the credits or any significant classes, they go for the husband, all women know this little known fact…”

Sheessez …now I get it. (The light bulb turns on and burns brightly.) Yet this brought up so many other thoughts, so I replied, “Oh this is a secret, a women’s only secret phrase, I get it.” She laughed and gave me a kiss goodnight.

But herein lies the problem; in order to have a good relationship we must begin it with understanding and truth. If we go into a situation with, gold, glamour and a seemingly slight of hand as our goal to obtain marriage what does that do to your insecurities? How do you feel years down the road knowing that the main reason you went to college was to find a husband of good standing? What happens if you divorce, and the only credits you achieved were in classes that have no merit in the world today? How do you begin again? How will you feel then?

In other words, what are you telling your subconscious mind, your own selfhood, when you go to school on a false pretense? What do you tell your future husband about your goals, you are in college, and do you fess up and say him I’m just here for the potential of marriage? Or do you perpetuate the lie and say I wanted a degree in economics and business, but since I found you I decided to drop everything. My focus and goals in life have now changed to you and you only. How romantic… you find your prince and give up all of your selfhood unto him. Kind of giving up your real power aren’t you my ladies? In addition your putting the stress of the world upon him?

Finding love and being able to have the good things in life is a valid goal, yet it is all in the manner of your quest. Why not focus on yourself or selfhood thus gaining security in knowing that you can rely upon yourself, if need be and thus taking the stress off of your partner. Love is a partnership we give each other that which we lack, male and female interchange, the beauty of life. And the only way to gain true love is to love yourself first, Self-Love, thus you know what love truly is and can gain that which you seek.

The moral of this story… Great sex allows secrets to come out!!! A Very well kept secret among the women of the world now decoded. :)

But really, when you go into any passionate situation in this life come from the heart. Marriage, love, passion, and all that comes with it, can only stand the sands of time if it happens naturally and is not forced, a means to the end. If you go into the situation with marriage as your only focus then you miss the beauty of life and love as it truly unfolds. Love is the law…pass it on. [Copyright Michael Schuessler]

-Michael Schuessler-

Michael Schuessler, author of the sex and sensuality classic, ‘The Holy G-rail', Please visit his website, to see all the different forms of Michaels works of creativity.

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