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OJ Simpson rumor: Allegedly confesses to murder of Nicole Simpson Brown

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Former NFL great and current Nevada state prisoner O. J. Simpson has reportedly confessed to the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson Brown, a murder for which he was acquitted in one of the most highly publicized and closely watched legal trials ever. The Inquistr reported Jan 7 that Simpson, who is said to have received dire news regarding his health, has told fellow inmates he killed his ex and plans on giving a full confession in the next few months. But given the source of the report, the National Enquirer, is the confession legitimate and credible?

Several rumors about O. J. Simpson's health have begun making the rounds in tabloids and on the Internet. Foremost among them is that doctors at the prison where Simpson is being held believe he is exhibiting symptoms of a brain tumor and might even have brain cancer. Although the National Enquirer provides only an anonymous source, the potential for such a life-threatening condition has apparently put the former Buffalo Bills All-Pro running back in a poor mood. His seeming impending mortality has given rise to his fellow prisoners pressing him for the truth about the murder of his ex and Ron Goldman in 1994. When asked several times if he had killed his ex, he allegedly admitted he did.

Simpson not only says he killed his wife but says he would do it again if presented with the same situation.

The Enquirer reported that he wants to confess before he dies -- something that, according to doctors, could happen within the next three months. That is, if he actually has a brain cancer or a tumor.

The alleged confession would be the first. O. J. Simpson has always maintained his innocence with regard to the 1994 double homicide, although there have been moments over the years where it appears that he has appeared to admit to murder without actually admitting to the murder of Nicole Simpson Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman. One such was the book, If I Did It, a book wherein Simpson "speculates" how he would have committed the murders if he had actually done them.

The current rumors go even further. It is said that Simpson also penned a letter to the president asking for a pardon, so he can receive treatment outside the prison and live out his last days as a free man.

But are the comments legitimate. Possibly. The source is anonymous, so it is difficult to say. Corroboration would be nice. A videotape of the confession would be better.

Are the comments credible? Also something that cannot be definitively ascertained, and not just because the report comes from a tabloid like the National Enquirer. It must be remembered that, even though the Enquirer is known for spreading unsubstantiated rumors, it also offers up accurate investigative journalism (ask former vice presidential candidate John Edwards).

So as to the legitimacy and/or credibility of the comments, even it they were corroborated, even if O. J. Simpson himself admitted to confessing to the murder, the point would be moot. Simpson -- and anyone with like legal circumstances of being acquitted of murder -- cannot be tried for the same crime twice due to a constitutional protection prohibiting double jeopardy.

Simpson is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence for kidnapping and robbery. He will be eligible for parole in four years.