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OJ Simpson brain tumor symptoms prompts OJ to ask for Barack Obama pardon

OJ Simpson is reportedly suffering brain tumor symptoms and possible brain cancer. As the former football great who has been in the news intermittently for most of his adult life, the man who may or may not have killed his former wife is in prison for robbery of his own possessions which were said to be secured at gunpoint.

OJ Simpson makes plea to President Obama for clemency
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

According to TV Guide via Seattle PI, OJ's long sentence and his potential bad health has prompted this notorious and yes, disgraced, celebrity to allegedly petition President Barack Obama to pardon him from the Nevada prison where he now dwells.

This story is trending even though the original source, The National Enquirer, can often be dubious by way of the accuracy of some of its news pieces. However, some or all of what was reported there apparently rings true as far as assorted sources are concerned as these sources have repeated what was originally said in the tabloid.

Among that information is that the 66-year-old legend who was acquitted in the 1995 killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is allegedly suffering from blurry vision, stuttering, and impaired hearing.

In addition to those medical problems, Simpson also apparently acts confused at times. He has shown extreme anger, and he is said to be depressed while waiting out his sentence in Nevada at the Lovelock Correctional Center. He also may or may not have been diagnosed with severe diabetes.

And so, as OJ Simpson reportedly experiences brain tumor symptoms and other medical problems, he wrote to Barack Obama to make his plea for a pardon. He asked the President not to let him "die in prison." Will Obama respond in the positive? That question is rhetorical.

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