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OJ Simpson brain cancer: He might have brain cancer, but afraid to go to doctor?

OJ Simpson brain cancer and get out of jail free card?
OJ Simpson brain cancer and get out of jail free card?
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

OJ Simpson’s brain is in the news today as new reports suggest that the former football great turned criminal may have brain cancer. The report also states that Simpson has intentions of asking the President to commute his sentence so he can get treatment for this ruthless disease if he does have it, according to the Christian Post on Jan. 8.

The bizarre piece to this story is that he “might possibly” have brain cancer. Is this just a new ploy for OJ to get an out of jail free card? The NFL Hall of Fame icon has at least four years to go on his sentence for armed robbery before he’s eligible for parole.

It’s surprising that OJ didn’t jump on the band wagon and complain about brain concussion from the years he played football. With all the new studies going on and with the number of former NFL players who committed suicide found to have head trauma, it was a perfect scenario for him to slip himself into, but he didn’t .

Reports put Simpson lax on going to the doctor once his symptoms indicating possible brain cancer started to bother him. He was afraid what the doctors would find.

Simpson is in jail for an armed robbery years back after he went after a man with a gun to get back some memorabilia that he claimed was his, but in the possession of a man who said it was his.

His most famous case was probably when he was accused of killing his wife Nicole Brown-Simpson. OJ was found not guilty in that case and he walked, but many today still believe that he actually did kill Nicole.

For now all that is known is that maybe OJ has brain cancer and that maybe he sees it as a way out of jail. There needs to be a lot more clarification on this latest claim to call OJ a sick man, physically sick that is.

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