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OJ Simpson: Brain cancer and pardon request was a hoax

OJ Simpson, the former football star’s fans have been misinformed about his state of health. It seems that a story was posted via the internet that was completely false.

OJ Simpson isn't ill with brain cancer!

OJ Simpson is sixty-six years old and is currently serving for a crime of robbery that came down with a thirty-three year sentence. Rumors and viral gossip had him dying of cancer in the brain and begging for a pardon from the President. This is not true according to a news report on Jan. 9 by the Washington Post who received a statement from Simpson’s attorney, Osvaldo E. Fomo that OJ’s health is perfect for his age and he did not enter a petition plea for a pardon.

This hoax is not credible. OJ currently has four years of his sentence to go before he is eligible for parole. Why shake up the water when he is so close to his parole hearing? No one can think of a thing that would make sense. He is in jail paying for his crime of armed robbery when he tried to get back some memorabilia that he believed was his from another man and was caught, tried and sentenced.

There could be some claim to what the rumors have been going around because of his past history as a football player. Simpson could possibly have suffered from some sort of hear or brain trauma just from the nature of the game itself. This would have come out long before now and not as a ploy for a get out of jail free card.

Fans are glad to hear that OJ Simpson is not ill and suffering from a fatal condition!

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