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OITNB:Cleary Wolters (Alex Vause) to tell her real story in new book

Orange is the New Black will find another real life character penning her story. Alex Vause who was Piper Kerman's partner in crime will be penning her own detailed tell-all revealing her point of view according to HND reports on August 24.

Orange is the New Black's real life Alex Vause(Cleary Wolters)to pen her side of the popular story
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Cleary Wolters, a former friend and lover of Piper Kerman, who wrote the Orange Is The New Black book, which the Netflix series is based on, is set to release her very own book titled Out of Orange.

Wolter's tale is set for release in May of 2015 and will detail Cleary Wolter's relationship with Piper Kerman, as well as her involvement with drug trafficking, which landed her in jail.

In a new Interview with Fashion N' Style Wolters stated,

“Alex [the character] and Piper have inspired me to tell my whole story — an unbelievable saga that takes place all over the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, and the U.S. both in prison and out,” Wolters said in a statement. “I think people may be surprised at what happened to me after I turned myself in — and where my life is now.”

If you are a Orange is the New Black fan and have not read the book, this is a must read to get some of the back story that the show is based on. There are plenty of details in the book that have been changed due to legalities.

Yu are also going to want to read the real Alex Vause a.k.a Cleary Wolters side to it is guaranteed to have a different approach to the story than Piper's, one that will have fans reading and then binging on Netflix to watch Orange is the New Black time and time again while awaiting for Season Three to hit Netflix.

Are you an Orange is the New Black fan, are you team Piper or team Alex?

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