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Oily summer

Beautiful and fresh
Beautiful and fresh

As we wonder and hope for summer to finally show its beautiful head, we think about beauty must haves to make life a little easier. When summer comes, all we want to do is stay outside and enjoy the beauty around us. The last thing we want to worry about is how hair and how to keep it looking great. An easy approach to spending more days outside and less worrying about your hair, get a dry shampoo. The cool thing about this is that it absorbs oil and it can be used as a great volumizer. Of course you want to get one that smells amazing. The top of the list would be Cat Walk Dirty Secret by TG. This product is amazing! It smells great and leaves your hair looking fresh without leaving white residue. Just a few sprays on your roots and even behind your ears can help absorb the nasty oil that builds up if you don't wash your hair everyday. For extra volume, spray it on your roots and fluff up your hair.