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Oil spill in the gulf continues to be a gut wrenching nightmare


Yes, the oil spill in the gulf is a gut wrenching nightmare from hell. The damage that BP has caused ecologically will take the earth hundreds if not thousands of years to repair, while untold billions of organisms continue to be destroyed. 
According to British Petroleum representative, Randy Prescott, “Louisiana isn’t the only place that has shrimp.”  Yes, that is true, but the point is there were shrimp in the place that BP’s oil now resides.   Putting words to such thoughtlessness does tend to upset the natives. 
Mistakes happen.  The American people get that.  What is an absolute travesty is that BP has continued to research and drill for oil deeper and deeper, but the technology on how to plug a leak or in this case a reservoir, is the same technology tooted 30 years ago.  Back then it was the “Sombrero”, today it’s called “Top hat.”  Both were equally ineffective.   Also don’t forget the “dome” and “top kill” procedures – more failures.
Where is all the cleanup staff? On land or sea?   
BP’s inability to fix the leak has destroyed its reputation and credibility as a responsible, pro-active “energy” company and reduced it to just another “profit at any cost” oil giant.  The mega oil company’s likeability factor is now on the same scale as flatulent road kill.
Hopefully, the oil gusher can be stopped before August of 2010.


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