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Oil pulling - Beneficial for your oral health

Have you heard of oil pulling? What exactly is oil pulling? It is a method of cleaning and killing nasty bacteria out of your mouth. It is thought to combat tooth decay.

The method usually followed is to put about 1 Tbsp. of coconut oil in the mouth and swish it around and then suck or "pull" the oil through the teeth for as long as 15 minutes or more. Hence the term, "oil pulling." It pulls the bacteria out of the mouth. When finished spit the oil out and rinse with water.

The oil commonly used is coconut oil. Coconut oil has been pulled out of the list of "bad oils" and put into the list of oils now considered good for your health. It has a pleasant taste and when used with your favorite essential oil is very beneficial for oral health.

The key to oil pulling is to never, ever, swallow the oil after you have cleaned your mouth. Otherwise all of that nasty stuff that was lurking in your mouth ends up in your gut.

A very economical brand of coconut oil can be purchased at Sam's Club called TresOmega Nutrition Organic Coconut Oil for about $15.00 for a large 54 oz. jar. It can be used not just for oil pulling, but for the hair, skin, and for cooking with.

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