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Oil cleansing method saves face

Olive oil
Olive oil

Oil cleansing for the face could be described as almost "homeopathic", because you're basically curing "like with like", as you do with all homeopathic therapies.

So just how does the oil cleansing method even work? Simple, you just take an oil such as extra virgin olive oil or apricot seed oil and wash your face with it. You've heard the saying oil and water don't mix, however oil and oil obviously do, therefore oil attracts oil, makes sense right? When using the oil cleansing method you are sure to remove every trace of oil based makeup and dirt and grime from the skin. It will not leave your face feeling stripped and dry afterward like most acne medicated cleansers would. Using this method actually will help balance your skin properly to where you're not producing excess oil anymore. Those that use harsh cleansers are only stripping their skin of natural oils, so the skin over compensates by producing even more oil! Not what you want. When using oil to cleanse the face your skin has no need to compensate and will actually balance out.

This method of cleansing your face is also very safe and inexpensive. You don't have to worry about nasty ingredients like PEG's or Parabens. Initially a bottle of extra virgin olive oil will be expensive but look at how much you get! It will last a long while. You can also remove your eye makeup with a cotton pad and olive oil as well. The omega 3's in the oil are incredibly nourishing to your skin and will help you with aging which is a double plus! If you'd rather go with a less expensive oil, apricot seed oil in a 4-6oz bottle will run you around $4 at a health food store.

Both oily skin and dry skin will benefit from the oil cleansing method. Try it just for a week and you will see the difference!

Until next time, stay beautiful Jackson!