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Oil City Senior Highschool inducts new N.H.S.members for 2014 - 2015 school year

The spirit of Christ; it is not always as simple as religion or going to church. Most times it is more; much more and much deeper than that alone can even begin to cover. The spirit of Christ is about Learning, Leading, Serving, and Moral & Ethical Character traits. Beyond these; the spirit of Christ is also about Charity, Empathy, Hope, Future, Life and it is about love and concern for fellow man and community. Even these do not begin to cover and define the spirit of Christ nor can religion alone do this.

New member Cheyenne Paden and mother Tammy Paden
New member Cheyenne Paden and mother Tammy Paden
Daniel Paden (2014), Erie Christianity Examiner

In Oil City, Pa though, Oil City Senior High School in-particular; There is one group of students who although it is not specifically intended; come closer to that spirit than any religious organization or particular individual ever has.

Who are these students? They are the Oil City Senior High School chapter of The National Honor Society, chapter #3359. The pillars of their group; Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character have guided chapters of NHS from the beginning: These pillars are used as the criteria in membership selection. Chapter membership recognizes students for their accomplishments in all four of those areas and then goes even further by challenging them to develop themselves even more through active involvement in school activities and community service. (NHS Web Page 2014)

The induction creremony at Oil City began with Steve Luxbacher leading the NHS Ensemble in singing the National Anthem and the Alma Mater. ,

Oil City Alma Mater:

Faith have we in Oil City High,

School we love so well,

Of our noble Alma Mater,

Let our praises tell.


Hail to Oil City High,

Hail! All Hail Again!

Blue and White thy colors fly,

Soaring upward to the sky,

Thee we'll cherish evermore

as the years go by.

Opening remarks were then delivered by Scott Stahl OCHS Co - Principal, and Brian Rondinelli Guest Speaker.

After the opening remarks; the inductees were escorted in and presented as new members of NHS by seasoned members and received their member certificates and were seated to the right of the podium.

New members of the Oil City Chapter of the NHS are:

2014 - 2015 Juniors ~ Makayla Buell, Collins Femovich, Devon Klingler, Angela Mattern, Kayla McCandless, Sarah McCauley, Katelyn Neely, Cheyenne Paden, Andrew Pikna, Mallory Rodgers, Jennifer Rogers, Jennifer Stevenson, Olivia Stevenson, and Ashlee Wolfgong; also being inducted this year was 2014 Senior Austin King. NHS Advisor is Jessica Ochs of the Oil City Senior High School.

After the induction of new members; family, members, and staff gathered for a picnic style dinner and family night. Food was provided in part by Oil City's chapter of NHS, and also by family and guests of the members. After the dinner and pictures; the NHS Senior members provided the entertainment for the night. The movie wreck it Ralph was shown.

If you know one or more of these students; next time you see them give them a hearty congratulations on their hard earned achievement of being selected to be the newest members of The National Honor Society.

National Honor Society (2014), About Us, History,

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