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OHSAA approves new overtime rule for hockey

The St. Ignatius state championship ring

No more seven overtime ties

After St. Ignatius and Sylvania Northview battled for seven overtimes in the state hockey championship game last winter, the game still had not been decided. Players were tired, dehydrated, and player safety became a real issue as the overtimes kept piling up.

Not really having a solution to the problem, and looking out for the health of the players, the OHSAA put an end to the game, announcing the game would end in a tie, and both teams were to be named state hockey champions.

I think with high school rules dealing with safety and the (importance) of health, and I think everybody put their heads together and tried to make the right decision for the health and safety of our kids.... Dan Ross, Commissioner of the Ohio High School Athletic Association

It wasn't exactly a popular decision

The OHSAA knew they had to do something, and do something quickly. Last Thursday, after consulting with coaches, athletic directors, and even members of professional hockey organizations, they passed a proposal through their Board of Directors, that will take effect next hockey season.

The changes are the following:

  • The first overtime will be played 5-on-5 for 8 minutes
  • The next four overtimes will be played 4-on-4
  • If those four overtimes has not produced a winner, teams will turn to a shootout, with three skaters participating on each team

Reaction to the proposal has been generally favorable, and the OHSAA hopes that by passing this proposal, that it does reduce the risk of serious injury, or serious health issues during a game.

If you agree or disagree with the new rule, MOST believe that something should have been done, and it was

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