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Ohio woman caught stealing toy from child's grave turns herself in to police

An Ohio woman was charged with theft last week after she was caught stealing a stuffed animal from an infant's grave. She turned herself into police after she was identified from a video that police posted online, Mansfield News Journal reported on Friday.

54-year-old woman caught on camera stealing toy from 14-month-old's grave
Photo courtesy of Ontario Police Department

On April 19, Frieda Kay Shade was caught stealing a yellow stuffed animal from the burial plot of Hayden Cole Sheridan at the Mansfield Memorial Cemetery. The 54-year-old was caught on surveillance video taking the toy from the 14-month-old baby's grave-site.

Sheridan's parents contacted police after they noticed things had been disappearing from their son's grave. A hidden surveillance camera was placed in the cemetery by police to capture the thefts.

In the video, Shade can be seen walking up to Sheridan's grave and taking a plush duck and walking away with it. Shade turned herself into Ontario police last Wednesday when several people identified her from the surveillance video that authorities posted on the police department's Facebook page.

"The video is there, we’re not denying that. But video evidence does not show what a person is thinking. There are mitigating circumstances," Shade’s attorney, Charles Robinson said.

According to police, Shade claimed that she was attempting to save the toy from being torn apart by a dog that was roaming around in the cemetery. The toddler's mother, Jaclyn Sheridan, said that she is glad that the thief has been apprehended.

"I think it's a bunch of bull crap," Sheridan's mother said in regards to Shade's excuse about the stray dog.

Shade was charged with petty theft for the crime. She is scheduled to appear in the Richland County court on May 15.

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