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Ohio woman believes she has a photo that proves ghosts exist

An Ohio woman thinks she has proof of ghosts
An Ohio woman thinks she has proof of ghosts
Facebook / One World Network / Mitzi Spicer Gilliam

An Ohio woman claims that she has proof of ghosts. The proof is in a photo that she took in an alleged haunted elementary school in southern Ohio.

Mitzi Spicer Gilliam believes that the Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown, Ohio is haunted and she has proof of the school's ghosts in a recent photo that she took. Gilliam took the photo earlier this month at a public ghost tour that the school was having.

"This was shot with a 16 mega pixel camera and I took about 14 shots. I was smoking a cigarette for about 15 minutes but I was about 20 feet away and I put it out in a pail of water. Dave Goldinger of APER claims that I was smoking but can't produce a time stamped picture. I took this to a professional photographer that never met me and he said it was not smoke, water, or mist. He was not sure what it was," Gilliam said about the photo.

Gilliam posted the photo on her Facebook page and various paranormal Facebook groups asking for opinions on what it might actually be. Most people believe that the anomaly was caused from a clothing fiber that was near the lens when the photo was taken. Some folks think it actually is a ghost. Gilliam believes it is the ghost of a janitor that she witnessed the first time she visited the school.

The photo was posted in the Facebook group "One World Network" and in the discussion, APER representative Valarie Meyers said that Gilliam was wearing white gloves when the photo was taken. But Gilliam insisted that she wasn't wearing gloves at the time.

"I did have on white gloves until they got covered in coffee. It would be very hard to cover a lens in a circle and come up with this. I even held my breath. I tried everything. I was trying to get the apparition I got the first time I was here. I tried to coax it out and I think I did," Gilliam said.

Paranormal enthusiast Nora Custer believes that when images like these are discovered, people should try to recreate them. She believes that the distorted image was caused by a clothing fiber.

"I'm going to go with clothing fiber. I have shot events before and clothing fibers and wool looks like that when it gets in front of the lens. I am always a skeptic and when I look at something I relate it to things I've seen before, if it's not I am willing to look at other points of view. In my opinion it looks like a fiber from white gloves," Custer said.

What do you think this is? Is it breath or cigarette smoke? Is it a clothing fiber? Or is it proof that ghosts are among us? Post your comments below.

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