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Ohio wildlife officer intent on killing friendly deer

Deer under threat from wildlife officials
Deer under threat from wildlife officials
Screen shot via WTRF News

According to Monday's WTRF News, residents who have grown to love a friendly deer in Clarington, Ohio, are up in arms because a state wildlife officer wants to see the animal killed.

The deer targeted by an Ohio Department of Natural Resources wildlife officer committed the potentially "deadly" sin of nibbling on tantalizing vegetables in a resident's garden - the act put the friendly deer square in the gun sights of a wildlife agent, who is said to be hell bent on eliminating the animal from existence. In fact, residents have stated that the agent is "stalking" the deer with the intent of shooting him.

Residents in the area love the friendly animal, who is said to be so tame that he plays with grown men, enjoys offered treats from people's hands, and poses for photos with young and old alike. The deer's amiable demeanor will likely be his undoing...the very fact that he allows people to approach and interact with him makes him a "threat" in the eyes of the state wildlife officials.

The people who are fighting to keep the tame deer alive hope to see him relocated to another area, where he can continue living a peaceful existence - with the emphasis on "living," as opposed to the unthinkable alternative. Even the town's mayor has voiced the desire to see the deer have the opportunity to live out his life in another area - but he has been told that the agent is "under orders" to kill the deer.

Resident Sandy Potts is hoping to band together supporters who will fight for the friendly deer's life. Anyone hoping to lend a hand to her fight for the deer's life is asked to call her at 740-827-5979.

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