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Ohio Valley warned to prepare for snow storm Sunday night

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This winter season has been much like a roller coaster ride for the Ohio Valley. With freezing cold weather one week and slightly warmer weather the next week, many residents don't know whether to wear a snow suit or to walk around without a coat. However, the roller coaster ride might be coming to an end over the weekend with a winter storm watch for the counties of Jefferson; in Ohio, and Hancock and Brooke; in West Virginia. According to the Steubenville Herald Star and the National Weather Service, which was reported on March 1, these counties in Ohio and West Virginia are expected to get 10 inches of snow starting Sunday night through Monday evening.

The winter storm watch will take effect Sunday night and will not end until 6 pm Monday evening. During the weekend, the city's crews will be monitoring the weather and preparing for what is expected. However, they have stated that they already have enough supplies although they are receiving deliveries of extra supplies over the weekend to make sure there will be enough, just in case.

Although Ohio and West Virginia are expecting this winter storm by Sunday night through Monday evening, the forecast is unbelievable for next week after the snow storm is over. Beginning Tuesday and running through Friday, the temperatures will actually warm up and will be a high of 40 degrees by Friday. Here comes another roller coaster ride for the Ohio Valley. Hopefully this will be the last of it and the warm weather will stay for spring to arrive.

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