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Ohio University has a talented TA in Angela Smith

The hauntingly inner beauty of Artist  Angela Smith
The hauntingly inner beauty of Artist Angela Smith
Angela Smith

Ohio University's Art Department has found both a talented Masters of Fine Arts student as well as a Teaching Assistant in Angela Smith .  She arrived at OU with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design coupled with a multitude of talent in photography.  Her work is centered around darkroom techniques and is expanding into photographic alternative processes.  Working still with silver gelatin she creates her c prints when using color in her work.

When asked what moves her to go forward in this venue she simply states, "I need art and I need photography because without  I can not  be...and the world needs artists now more than be able to explain the chaos that is happening around us." She goes on to add, "We need to communicate in a resourceful, positive, productive manner and this communication is held not only in language and literacy but through art, and artist,  and artist making compelling visually stimulating work."

Angela's favorite way to conger up her expressiveness is to read constantly about anything in the news clips or random magazine articles.  Other  Ideas can formulate from a lengthy 10th century novel.  Music is a key component to her mood and she has made a habit of collecting a vast assortment from all genres.  In her structured studio it is the music that lends a bit of chaos and helps to edge out her creations.   Right now she has several books of photographed medical oddities and autopsy books for the 19th century  which  mainly consist of albumen prints.  She takes that idea and prints a self portrait and details it with a pen and ink veining.  It is hauntingly beautiful to see the inner workings of this artisan.

In a perfect studio,  which offers her plenty of available light, this artist will work on commissioned pieces.  Angela strives to meet the clients expectations while reaching within herself for the flare of drama. Her studio is rather organized with many varied things for props but keeps its structure as her work is very methodical.  She defines it this way; "I just have a system of how I work and it is clean and structured and slightly boring....but chaos does occur in the music which is 99% of the time!"  She also derives inspiration from the hap-hazard hangings of writings and images on her walls.  Whatever fuels her imagination is certainly working.

She has been accepting offers for gallery shows of her own work and will be traveling to London this summer for studying abroad.  This trip will incorporate a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see great works of art by one of her inspirations...the full collection of Lady Clementina Hawarden.  Just as her inspiration Lady Hawarden  played with juxtaposition of the camera's ability to see the world and then to capture the inside essence of the sitter so does Angela.

To get in touch with this artist for commercial work, or for a chance to book a gallery showing she can be contacted at  A website is currently under construction and will be launching this spring to enable potential clients or students to contact her.  If you are a prospective student of the photographic field and/or darkroom techniques, Angela Smith would be a great choice through the Ohio University Art Department of Athens. 

A couple of years ago while she was working three jobs at once she found this great quote from artist Doze Green:  "The point is stop chasing somebody that's outside of you trying to tell you who you are and what is accessible or acceptable as an art form.  Do what you feel..........."   Once you review the photographic compositions of Angela Smith,  you will realize that this is an artist that knows what feels good within an image!


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