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Ohio student creates Buddy's Box, a personal touch for your dog

Buddy's Box
Buddy's Box

23 year old University of Cincinnati graduate student, Carly Mellencamp has started Buddy's Box and is going head to head against established giants like Bark Box.

Buddy's Box is a subscription service where Mellencamp provides customized care packages with five to seven dog toys, treats and grooming products each month. While similar to Bark Box's model, there are some differences. While New York-based Bark Box has a national reach, Mellencamp is slowly trying to grow her presence in her Ohio hometown.

"It's kinda scary because they do have such a large company and such a large market. It's intimidating at times, but I’m hoping we can grow in our own way and diversify ourselves," Mellencamp told me. "Compared to Bark Box, we customize our box completely, instead of just offering boxes for small, medium or large dogs."

Subscribers to Buddy’s Box are asked if their dog has allergies, if the dog likes certain types of toys or treats, and also what the owner would like to see every month so it's much more personally created for your dog.

"We really try to customize the box as much as possible, instead of just putting a generic box. We actually put the dog's name on the box," she said. "We put a card in every box telling you what goes into each box, what’s the ingredients in the treats, everything, and every box is different. We also try to be as local as possible in where we get our treats and toys."

Mellencamp prices her product each month at $26.99 for a single dog and $49.99 for a box going to a two-dog household. By comparison, Bark Box has a tiered pricing model that starts at $29 for a single month and hits $199 for a full year.

Check out Buddy's Box here !!

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