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Ohio State in running for new fellowship aimed at STEM education

The Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship
The Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship

Accoring to the Columbus Dispatch, the Ohio State University is one of 11 schools in the running to be selected as a partner for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

The fellowship is much in the vein of the popular Teach for America program which recruits recent college graduates to teach in lower-income rural and urban areas in the United States. According to BusinessWeek, the 2009 class of Teach for America volunteers could only offer 11% of applicants a position, attesting to the popularity of the program.

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship would provide a $30,000 stipend to the teachers, a similar award to that of the Teach for America program. This particular fellowship will be much more focused on education in the science and technology fields, though. With the United States falling behind many other developed countries in science and math education, this fellowship represents an effort for the United States to push back into the stratosphere of science and technology research.

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship began in Indiana and is now spreading to other states.