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Ohio State football: Will Urban Meyer be the Buckeyes’ next coach?

Meyer fever has swept Columbus. Will he be the Buckeyes' next coach?
Meyer fever has swept Columbus. Will he be the Buckeyes' next coach?
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Twitter caught fire last night when popular and reputable website Eleven Warriors reported they have multiple sources confirming Urban Meyer has agreed to a deal to coach at Ohio State. While other sites such as CBS Sports, the Bleacher Report and all had articles similar in nature, Eleven Warrior’s is the only one still up.

Now it’s important to note that all Eleven Warriors said was they were 99.7% certain Meyer agreed to be the next coach. Today, they had an article detailing what they know so far, which is Urban and Ohio State share a mutual interest in each other, an agreement has been made in principal though no contract has been formally signed and neither party thinks the NCAA’s determination on Ohio State will prevent Meyer from becoming Ohio State’s next head coach.

Essentially, we are close to the inevitable but nothing is official yet.

Urban was going to be on a short list of coaches Ohio State was going to target. Chances are they didn’t want to do a long drawn out process for several reasons. For one, they want the new program to begin after the season and to have all the pieces in place. It’s almost certain the majority of Ohio State’s current coaching staff won’t return which means the new staff will need all the time they can to get their foundation in place. Two, they want to make this process quick for the players and to get the staff on the recruiting trail immediately, all of which could be accomplished if Ohio State signs a new coach after the regular season.

There are many objections with the Eleven Warriors announcement, the main one coming from Ohio State.

Now, this could be just a play by them to deny it until they announce it. It would seem in poor taste to Luke Fickell and the current team and coaching staff to announce Urban as the head coach with two games remaining.

Of course, it could also mean there isn’t an agreement in place.

Florida writer Pat Dooley reported on twitter he asked Meyer whether there was any weight to the rumors. Urban responded by saying there was no truth to the rumors. So the carousel continues.

Another factor to consider is the pending NCAA ruling, which could factor heavily into Ohio State’s future.

Even with the worst case ruling which would now equate to a post-season ban for probably a year, it wouldn’t do much to affect the long-term plans. While a stern punishment from the NCAA may deter a few recruits from signing with Ohio State, it’s probable it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for the future coach.

So let’s cut to the chase; will Urban be the next coach at Ohio State?

Yes. Meyer wants to get back into coaching. Ohio State is one of the few elite jobs to become available recently. It’s the perfect marriage. Urban will create a coaching staff that will bring the Buckeyes back to the top of the college football ladder.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comment and follow me on twitter for Ohio State news and updates.


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