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Ohio school obesity bill a mixed bag



  • montreal women's issues, health and mental health 6 years ago

    yes the overweight children will not want the program but perhaps the schools can that are interested in the program can make it mandatory.

  • Kellie Glass RD, LD 6 years ago

    When it comes right down to it, healthy kids start at home. It's the job of mom and dad to set the example of how to lead an overall healthy lifestyle for their children. Our schools can encourage healthy choices and continue the work being done at home. For more information on how to lead an overall healthy lifestyle visit

  • Lisa Carey-Houston Family Examiner 6 years ago

    It is the parents job, but it's hard to fight all the crap that schools serve and make available. Older kids use their allowance to buy it on their own. Get rid of the junk and should that 30 minutes of physical activity be in recess or at gym class? What are they doing then?

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