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Ohio's Ryan Sides With Tyranny

Timmy the Catholic
Author, J. Maropoulakis Denney

Ohio's 17th District Democrat (Marxist) Congressman Tim Ryan, an allegedly practicing Catholic, said in reaction to the recent Hobby Lobby decision:

“I am very disheartened to hear that the Supreme Court has chosen to stand against decades of progress made by women. No woman should have to choose between necessary health care and having to pay their bills. This ruling will place many Americans in a difficult situation because of their employers’ ability to force their religious beliefs upon them, and it will lead to an increase in unplanned pregnancies.
Today’s ruling against women’s rights not only turns back the clock but also ushers in a new era of uncertainty. Allowing privately owned corporations the ability to push their religious beliefs onto their employees opens the gate to possible injustices yet to be realized.”

So Timmy, the federal government should be allowed to force employers, in contravention to their religious beliefs and in violation of their First Amendment rights, to buy abortion pills for their employees, so that their female employees can engage in sex without worry of having to carry their baby to term ? I wonder how Bishop Murray of the Youngstown Catholic Diocese feels about this?

One Christian Theologian puts it this way:

"If one takes upon himself the name of Christ but does not practice the way of life associated with it, he falsely bears the name. Such a person is like a soulless mask with human features superimposed on a monkey. For just as Christ cannot be Christ if He is not justice, purity, the Truth, and the estrangement from all evil, so cannot he who does not demonstrate the characteristics associated with this name be a Christian. Thus, if it were necessary for someone to express the meaning of the word 'Christianity' in a definition, we would say that it is the imitation of the Divine Nature."
St. Gregory of Nyssa

Not to mention that the federal government has absolutely no business dictating to individuals or businesses what benefits they must or must not provide to their employees. It's called liberty, folks.

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