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Ohio paranormal investigator accused of stalking and threatening women

Ohio man accused of threatening people on Facebook
Ohio man accused of threatening people on Facebook

An Ohio paranormal investigator is under fire by former friends and fellow peers and is being accused of threatening and stalking people online. Various witnesses talked about their experiences on Evan Jensen's paranormal talk show The Dark Side yesterday.

Dave Goldinger of the Akron Paranormal & Entity Research paranormal group is being accused by some of his peers as being an internet bully and using Facebook to attack people. One guy in a long line of victims decided to sound off against Goldinger this week.

"I know for a fact, I have talked to over fifty women, who are my friends, that have showed me emails, which I still have copies of, that he stalks them. He stalks women. He threatens people. I have a three-year-old son and if he ever threatens my son I will be going to jail," victim Allan Mellinger said. "One woman had him in her house and he attempted to rape her. People have sent me stuff that he has sent to them, threatening them. A female cast member of 'Ghost Hunters' even had to put a restraining order on him," he continued.

According to Mellinger, Goldinger threatens to burn down people's houses, cut their brake lines, or harm their family. Mellinger says that he has numerous emails from various women that Goldinger has threatened online. He also mentioned that Goldinger has a top ten enemy list and he is number three on that list.

"There was one case that he worked on where he went in this woman's house and went in this woman's refrigerator and made a sandwich without the woman's permission. If that would have been my house I would have said don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you," Mellinger said.

Mellinger went on to say that people have been scammed by Goldinger from paranormal events. On one particular occasion, people have even paid his bills. Just last year, Christina George set up a GoFundMe page for Goldinger to get funds to pay his bills and to buy a new car.

"I have been active against this guy for the last few years. I got emails from people. I stood against him, I stood up to him. I have never backed down from this guy but every battle I try to win or try to fight with somebody, it seems like he gets ahead more and more," Mellinger said.

Another victim, Judi Giramonti, a former administrator of Goldinger's Facebook group APER Paranormal Family, was told to block anyone that didn't agree with him. Giramonti also claims that Goldinger has tried to hijack her paranormal convention.

Goldinger has responded publicly on Facebook and threatened to defriend anyone who is friends with his so-called bashers.

"All of these false accusations will soon come to a halt and charges will be filed. I am keeping up on all of your bashing and lies told about me. Evidence is being gathered against several people," Goldinger said in response to the radio segment.

Tune in to The Dark Side with Evan Jensen on Blog Talk Radio this Sunday at 4 pm to hear interviews from more of Dave Goldinger's alleged victims. Listen now

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