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Ohio man pleads guilty to videotaping his rape of 5-year-old girl

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Charged with raping a child under age 10, two counts of pandering sexual matter involving a minor, and tampering with evidence, 23-year-old Charles Mills of Wadsworth, Ohio, pleaded not guilty in Jan. to raping a 5-year-old girl and videotaping himself raping her.

But according to a March 15 report from the Medina Gazzette, Mills ended up pleading guilty in court on Thursday to charges of videotaping himself raping the child - after he worked out a plea arrangement with prosecutors.

Mills was also charged with the unlawful sexual conduct with a minor regarding an entirely different child.

If any good comes out of the plea deal, it means that the children involved won’t have to testify in court against their rapist.

Prosecutors should also consider themselves fortunate that Mills agreed to plead guilty, as they never saw or possessed the video of Mills raping the 5-year-old girl.

According to police, Mills destroyed the video - hence his tampering with evidence charge.

Police in Medina County first heard about the video after someone found it and reported it to the authorities. By the time police arrived on the scene, Mills had already destroyed the video.

According to Medina County Prosecutor, Dean Holman:

“We didn’t have the videotape, we had a very young child and a lot of complicated testimony.”

“Two victims were spared the anxiety of having to go to trial, so we’re happy with this plea deal, and the parents were, too.”

Had Mills not agreed to the plea deal, he would have been looking at a possible sentence of life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Mills is scheduled for sentencing on April 24. He’s now facing a possible sentence of life in prison, with possible parole after 15 years – if he’s eligible.

“He’s facing significant prison time, and we’ve got a very dangerous guy off the streets,” Holman said.

“It’s an awful set of facts with terrible consequences for everyone — the child and the defendant.

The video reportedly showed Mills raping the child in late October 2013.

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