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Ohio man charged for having sex with pink inflatable raft (Mugshot)

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An Ohio man was arrested Sunday for allegedly engaging in sex acts with a pink inflatable raft.

Hamilton man, 32-year-old Edwin Charles Tobergta, allegedly stole a neighbors raft and ran off with it onto an alley near his house. In the arrest report, officers stated, "def appeared to be having sex with the raft do to the fact that his pants were down around his ankles."

The witness also told police that after he yelled at Tobergta, he then pulled up his pants and started walking down the alley. The witness then followed Tobergta down the alley where he threw the raft into a neighbors yard.

Tobergta allegedly admitted his crime to arresting officers. According to the arrest report, "Defendant advised officers that he was doing it but only because he has a problem and that he needs help and please don't send him to prison but send him somewhere to get help."

He was arrested on public indecency and booked in the Butler County Jail.

According to Hamilton Municipal Court records, Tobergta has been arrested several times over the last few years for public indecency.