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Ohio man arrested after shooting caged dog four times

Roger Harnish
Roger Harnish
Lake County S.O.

A man in Perry Township, Ohio, was arrested on charges of animal cruelty and domestic violence, after he allegedly threatened his wife and shot the family dog four times, reported Tuesday's Fox 8 News.

The trouble started early Tuesday morning when 68-year-old Roger Harnish allegeldy got into a heated argument with his 60-year-old wife, Patricia, over finances.

According to a press release from the Lake County Sheriff's Office, Harnish approached his wife in an aggressive manner, leading her to believe that he was going to choke her. At this point, the family dog, a three-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback named "Terry," began to growl at the man.

According to the release, Roger Harnish threatened to kill Terry because the dog was growling at him; Patricia pleaded for the protective dog to be spared and proceeded to secure the dog in a wire cage.

After Terry was placed in the kennel, the couple continued to argue; the distraught dog continued to growl.

According to Mrs. Harnish, her husband went to a room and retrieved a gun and proceeded to shoot the caged dog twice.

Believing that her life was in jeopardy, Mrs. Harnish fled from the home and ran to a neighbor's house.

Two more shots were fired after Mrs. Harnish exited the home.

When police arrived, they discovered that the dog had been dragged to the back yard and he was still alive, albeit grievously injured in the head. Mr. Harnish admitted to shooting the dogs four times; he claimed that the additional shots were fired to ensure that Terry was dead.

When attempts to contact rescue agencies failed, a deputy "humanely dispatched" the injured dog as he was obviously suffering.

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