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Ohio man aiming to play for 100 hours to beat 32 year old arcade world record

John Salter's world record attempt aims to break a score set 32 years ago.

An arcade video game champ from Oakland, Ohio has targeted a 32-year-old world record, and it could require him to fire away for 100 hours on a single coin to get there.

John Salter is stepping up to the challenge of beating the all-time record score on Armor Attack, a black and white vector screen title from 1980. The world record of 2,009,000 points has stood since September 25, 1982, one of video gaming's longest standing world record scores.

Salter made a previous attempt at the score at Denver's 1Up arcade last November, with the attempt ending when a button malfunctioned after more than 1 million points had been scored.

A previous estimation by arcade experts say that it could take Salter around 70 hours on a single coin to break the score. Only one arcade game marathon is known to have ever lasted longer, as George Leutz survived for 85 hours on Q*bert in early 2013.

Salter's world record attempt will stream live online starting Wednesday, April 9.

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