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Ohio labor department employee slams 99ers and tier 5 unemployment extension

99ers demanding help
99ers demanding help
Naomi Cohn


  • 99ers United 5 years ago

    New Page for #99ers and all Unemployed. The fight continues!!

  • 3rd Gen Californian 5 years ago

    99ers must organize or starve

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I agree but how do we get started? I live in RI and have been out of work for 26 months. I lost my benefits in Sept and I am losing my home. I took a temp job last month which lasted for a week and have been unable to find anything else right now. I don't know what to do anymore so, yes, I would love to organize something....let's do it!!

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    "Having been in the employment field for many years, I can assure you the unemployed are not actively seeking jobs that pay little more than their unemployment checks" .

    If people make declarations like that, then they must post links with valid phone/fax numbers to all jobs that are actually hiring to substantiate the claim that millions of jobs are currently unfilled.

    After all, he is "assuring" us.

  • Renee 5 years ago

    I totally agree with you Americantruth. If Lutz knows of all these available jobs, why isn't he providing facts on where there jobs are...The govenor needs to repremand him for these damaging remarks to not only defend his state but for the hurt it's causing millions of unemployed who are really trying to find work.

  • Tazz 5 years ago

    It's what the public has been saying to 99ers. We are tired of the complaints from the 99ers about those cherry picked jobs that they used to have. They are not coming back to the US. Stop looking for them. Retrain yourself in another field or step over to the welfare line. Either you understand this now or not, it will not change. No president will change this either.

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    Give it up. Your type comment lacks facts and is last year's played out strategy.

  • Tazz 5 years ago

    Played out? Was there an extension? No. So who is played out?

  • OK 5 years ago

    I submiited an application, paid $25.00 to study for a CPA from my local university; I was turned down; I can't afford to keep applying. I'm still trying to pay off my first college debt; where and why would I want to go further into college debt for another degree that might not pay off and where would the money come from if you already have one degree?

  • OK 5 years ago

    Also, as a 99er; I did accept a part-time on-call position making less than $9.00/hr with two-3 hours per day if I am lucky; I am hoping to find another part-time position even if on-call and even if it is only on-call and part-time. I'm also the person who is trying to find funds to retrain myself if possible!

  • OK 5 years ago

    By the way Tazz, the difference between someone on unemployment and not now is based on the temporary part-time job a person may have found. Some people who have collected for years; received more hours to qualify them to continue on UI benefits and others; like me took a position that more than likely won't qualify for nothing in the future!

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    Your comment and the people who post undermining propaganda designed to hurt American citizens, many who are unemployed, are played out.

    Got it ?

  • 99visions 5 years ago

    TAZ, it might not be a good idea to continue provoking desperate people, that are simply just like you.

  • Lionel 5 years ago

    TAZZ is a self rightous hypocrite whose mission is to slam the 99ers. She stereotypes 99ers as lazy, and repeatedly haunts this forum to agitate. She is entitiled to express her weak points,however, by now most of the regular readers on this forum know she is full of hot air. She refuses to acknowledge the fact that there are many who are desperately searching for jobs, and only focuses on the few who may abuse the sysytem . We should pity her for her narrow mind,

  • 99visions 5 years ago

    TAZ, When so meny give you the same informantion when do you consider or listen before you have to consider that your sanity might be questionable?

  • Tim 5 years ago

    There are people like Tazz on all the unemployment boards. Perhaps she is a paid slacker whose mission is to discourage the 99ers. Don't let her discourage you. In your hearts you know that the 99ers are victims of an economic downturn without parallel since the Great Depression. Keep your hopes high and we will get a Tier V.

  • charlie 5 years ago

    i have been out job since2008 late october, my driver, licence was suspended due to child suport, dont have transportation,and money.i stayed with friends that give,shelter,one week here another there,if there anyone willing to hire me,im a hard working person, im 55years old,i have been looking for a job,a long time, ihave two kids to suport,im staying,in trailer park for the moment,

  • 99er 5 years ago

    Forward JOB POSTINGS to 99ers, please.

    We would be much happier working than asking for Tier 5 extension.

    Please, all opposed to Tier 5 give us a reason to believe that you are right. Just post here a job or position that has not been filled due to lack of response. I am sure in this already army of employed that can cover any job or position no matter how qualified and how low payed worker you need.

  • The Expendable Class 5 years ago


    Do you have any healthcare coverage? What about your children?

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    Many Americans, contributing taxpayers, are unemployed and having a difficult time finding any kind of work.

    You know this, but continue to post your unoriginal cut and paste junk.

    Americans support assistance for the long term unemployed until more jobs, any kind, are available to be filled.

    Comments like yours are an attempt to convince others that Americans don't want to work, retrain, or help one another in a time of crisis.

    That kind of negative, played out, unAmerican message is going to flop in 2011.

    Happy landing.

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    My comment was for last year's comment bore "Tazz".

    Get a new gig, pal.

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    "You can help yourself..." blah blah tweaked a crank.
    You got all sore because you're wrong.

    People are responsible for their prosperity, true, but without an economy that offers an environment for self-starters and workers, you've got very little to work with.

    Which reminds us, you do have very little to work with based on your comments.

    Get inflamed much ?

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    "You can NOT help yourself..."
    Your comment is garbage. My comments are not hurting anyone but your ego apparently.
    Learn to read.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Why cant the 99ers be honest with themselves. I agree with some of the comments above.

    The real issue is plain and simple. There are plenty of jobs out there, but they are just not desireable. I would not want to work those available jobs either, but I also have no children to feed. The American Public is starting to see though the 99ers cry. We now see that the 99ers could get jobs, just not the jobs they want.

    It's OK to say you can't find a job that you want or like, but don't go saying there is nothing out there, as American like me know that is false. Go to a general headhunter, and tell them you will do anything from shoveling s**t to stuffing mail. You will be hired in a week with at least a temporary job. If you don't want a job like that, fine, but don't say there is nothing out there.

  • Profile picture of Bea4
    Bea4 5 years ago

    What you are saying is not true. People who are over qualified for positions, generally will not be hired for them. Employers are spending time and money each time they hire a new employee. Just like any good investor, they want to know they are making a good investment in their business. As an owner, would you hire someone knowing they just made 50K a year and are now trying to work at a $10/hr job? No. Because training a new employee is both time consuming and expensive and there is a high risk probability that this person is not in it for the long-term. Employers want stability, just like employees.

  • pdsnickles 5 years ago

    You are an idiot. I hope you become a 99er so you can see how wrong you are, and you can then start shoveling s**t as you say - IF you are "lucky enough" to even get such a job. If there is any such thing as Karma - and I think there is - you just bought yourself a stint as a 99er. Have fun learning your lesson.

  • RI 5 years ago

    If that statement was true then there would be no such thing as a 99er since most of us have gone 9 months with no income....The newly unemployed might be the picky ones but dont blame the 99ers for that since most employers dont want to hire 99ers due to age discrimination...So before you judge something you know nothing about try living it...Oh and by the way your an idiot....Where do you work so I can take over your job because obviously you dont need skills to do your job...I bet i could do your job blindfolded...

  • Maureen 5 years ago


    I've been out of work since January 2009. During the last two years I have applied for EVERY job I was even remotely qualified for, and for hundreds I was way overqualified for, but would gladly take just to have a paycheck again. This includes everything from my former role as an executive secretary to shampoo girl in a hair salon and dishwasher in a luncheonette. Yet here I am, still unemployed.

    It's not for lack of effort, and it's not because I am holding out for some dream job that doesn't exist. It doesn't matter how low the pay scale is, or whether or not the job offers benefits, or even the type of work. The employers are simply not hiring us - period - especially if you're over 40 (I'm 49).

    I have even offered to work for free for a full month so that the employer could have a chance to see if I would be an asset to the company before having to pay me a dime, and they still turned me down.

    So if you can't even get an employer to exploit an offer of full time "volunteer" work that is going to make him money and not cost him anything, please tell me what you would like people like me to do?

    By the way, if you or the other pot-stirrer above ARE getting paid to troll forums and comment sections to post all this hate for the unemployed, then please send me a contact number for whoever is paying you. Much as I would hate myself for doing it, I'd take the job anyway. I have a sick husband to provide for.

  • Americantruth 5 years ago

    The real issue is not real to you if you're employed.

  • Profile picture of Bea4
    Bea4 5 years ago

    The whole concept of "there are plenty of jobs out there" does not hold water. Yes, a 99'er can apply at their local Dairy Queen, McDonald's or grocery store, but the truth is, these employers are looking for long term employees and will hesitate to hire someone who is over qualified for the position and who they will have to spend time and money replacing the minute the economy starts to turn around. They, like any other emplyer, want to know the people they hire are in it for the long-term because training in any business takes time and money. There are SOME jobs out there, but generally, the 99'ers aren't going to get them even if they apply.

    Secondly, having another tier extension of unemployment benefits actually HELPS the economy. Do you think these unemployed people are actually pocketing these checks they receive? The money that comes from unemployment benefits stimulates the economy far more than any "stimulus" check can. It's being spent on housing, gas, food, medicine, clothing. It's being pumped right back into the economy and once it's gone, it becomes a viscious circle. Less money in the economy, fewer customers, employers downsize (or close all together), more people are laid off and more people enter the unemployment system. What it boils down to is jobs. There are not enough jobs currently vacant for the number of people unemployed. Until government does something to stumulate JOB GROWTH, unemployment will not recede any time in the near future.

  • Tazz 5 years ago

    Most 99ers are sticking their heads into the ground and not seeing what is happening. For Mr. Lutz to send out the email should show you how the tide is turning against 99ers support for them to get more extensions.

    If you don't rally, boycott, march, etc. to bring attention to you and your cause - nobody will care.

    Sitting back complaining, whining, moaning, crying and typing up sob stories will NOT change people's minds. You must GET OUT THERE and DO something to get the media's attention in large numbers.

    Typing on a keyboard isn't going to make the gov't send more checks to you.

    Honest but true.

  • Tim 5 years ago

    I do agree with this post, Tazz, and it makes me wonder if you might have a spark of decency in you after all. The 99ers MUST organize and actively seek redress for the injustice that has been perpetrated on them. I hope that everyone is familiar with Michael Colliss' many articles at all247news dot com. If not please go to that site and start joining with others who are planning how best to obtain our objective.

  • Maureen 5 years ago

    I also agree that if we could organize and do something big enough to draw attention (like a march on Washington), it would help. However you're talking about people who can't even put food on the table or pay their latest utility bill. How can you organize when every day, more and more 99ers are losing their internet or electricity, leaving them unable to even connect with others any longer?

    And even for those who still have a means of connecting, how are they to get to a march like that? They are losing their cars, can't afford bus or train fare, have children to care for and job searches to continue, etc.

    So don't just sit there and tell us what we "should" do - come up with some practical and workable ways for us to actually do it, and we'll be glad to jump on board.

  • Tazz 5 years ago

    Didn't people in the south boycott buses, walked miles and miles to get to where they had to go, walked from the south to Washington DC to show their numbers in force for rights?

    You complain about no internet etc?


    If you come up with excuses why you can't do things, don't blame politicians for looking away from your needs. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  • OK 5 years ago

    Willie, Tazz and a Mr. Lutz should comprehend that people probably do collect unemployment insurance longer than a 99er; however, they have part-time jobs that extend their benefits longer than a 99er. Some of the jobs they take I know have been extremely difficult jobs which extends their unemployment benefits; like working as a janitor and getting off at midnight all alone, working as a Salvation bell ringer but you know what that person also needs to survive and they might be elderly; more older than I so I keep looking while the temporary job I take doesn't give enough pay or hours to continue on benefits. I think a few of you are misguided; people are working at times and must report their wages; they stay on and others don't!

  • Lionel 5 years ago

    OK TAZZ.....You just revealed the true definition of a hypocrite. You are encouraging the 99ers to rally and organize, but call them lazy and should not get a tier 5. You cant be on both sides of the fence. Willie was obviously reflecting your views using ruthless terms to highlight your previous posts. WILLIE I know you must be trying to make a point with your sarcastic remarks. The 99ers are counted by the millions, and the vast majority of them need help now. You have posted encouragement in the past, so it seems you are mimicking the critics to show how outrageous their comments can be.

  • Willie 5 years ago

    Lionel, Actually you are correct. Sorry for those who took me litierally.

  • Tim 5 years ago

    If you read through the comments of countless 99ers, you will find that most of them are so discouraged and unbelieving that their country would treat them like last year's garbage that they have not yet resolved to fight. But I think that is starting to change. Tazz are Willie are right about one thing - if the 99ers do not step up to the plate, organize, and make a committed effort to gain their objective, then they will deserve their fate. I am totally on your side, and I will join in, but the 99ers have to do most of the heavy lifting here because it is for you.

  • x 5 years ago

    Everyone try this, apply for financial aid. Go back to school. Get a loan for 3000, buy 100 oz silver bar, and wait for the economy to fall which will be another year or so. Price of silver now 30 oz price of silver then 500 or more. 47 thousand dollar profit,take 3000 out to pay back loan. Pay back loan 6 months after graduation in 50 dollar installments or pay back all of it. I advise all of it. Merry xmas 2012.

  • Tazz 5 years ago

    Keep deleting my comments and others that opposed the views of the sob story 99ers because all that does is show how the 99ers are one sided for their pockets only. How UnAmerican!

    Glad to see payments stopped.

  • OK 5 years ago

    Tazz, one more comment because are you more happier subsidizing luxury apartment that rent for $3,000/month. Yes, you and many other just did that! Are you more happier giving a tax break to a race horce owner to purchase another horse; which I really don't care about that one because I love horses but you just did that!

  • OK 5 years ago

    My list could go on and on about all the checks that people do receive; how about some people actually receive welfare checks whereas a 99er does not! How about that foster care check which a 99er does not! You bash single people is what you are doing but yet you would rather subsidize luxury apartments in Manhattan at $3,000/month which aren't even renting! How about that?

  • OK 5 years ago

    So, just to make myself clear is that the likelihood that there is no safety net for a single person in a certain age bracket (under 62 and over the age to rejoin the military) is the most likely person that is being hurt. Yet, this is the person taking all the abuse from everybody!

  • angel 5 years ago

    @Tazz; if youre a christian, i feel bad for your soul:

    "Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.' They also will answer, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?' He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least among you, you did not do for me.'"

    -Matthew 25:41-45

    repent, sinner

  • Renee 5 years ago

    Ignorance is what it is plain ole' ignorance. Tazz and Willie are probably the same people in disguise. Reminds me of little kids who don't know any better. Don't allow the dumb and dumber to ignite you all to anger. The numbers don't lie!!! The rate of jobs to the number of unemployed people is ridiculous. The news all over the country has voiced that jobs have decreased drastically...And to take a job earning you 1/2 of what you’re capable of earning isn't worth it unless you have someone taking up the slack, but we are taking them anyway to survive. And even with unemployment you are making less than what you would normally earn. Who wants to stay on unemployment making less when what we really want are jobs earning what we are meant to earn, so we can continue to survive!!! There are too many people with degrees and years of service losing their jobs due to companies fearful of the state of our economy. These are the facts!!! Willie and Tazz are probably at home living with their mothers...big babies!!!

  • The expendable class 5 years ago

    Need to have a common goal. If a Tier 5 is ever granted, those who are against it, will claim this to be the ultimate giveaway and no problems will be solved. $300 per week does not come close to providing adequate healthcare. Healthcare reform is not happening anytime soon, people. Those in power have publicly pledged to make sure that treatment for any serious pre-existing does NOT happen for the portion of the population that believe are expendable. And, no one seems to care. The COBRA subsidy that kept many of us alive during our hour of darkness was eliminated without fanfare. So, when the Tier 5 happens and the 99ers claim the ultimate victory, we're still going to die painfully. So, is this $300 per week really the ultimate goal that we can rally around?

  • most 99ers never got cobra 5 years ago

    Ummm most 99ers never got Cobra that bill came way too late for them to get anything out of that bill....So lets face it the people who have gotten the most out of UI is the ones currently collecting but yet the 99ers are the ones who get the most greif....

  • Ginger Winchester 5 years ago

    I'd rather see a "giveaway" to the poor than a bailout, tax break, or free-pass to those who simply don't need it, and haven't paid a penny in taxes in the past decade.

  • Willie 5 years ago

    It is difficult to comprehend going on for 2 or more years without being able to get a job. Think about it.......TWO YEARS !!!! If the UI extensions didn't exist how many 99ers would there be? It could not have been in the millions. That would be impossible. Each tier allows more "time" to job hunt, or settle for a few hundred a week and sample early retirement. But ya know what......with all the dumb money being given out to the rich, the bailouts, why not throw money to the middle class, and keep going up another tier. We are a nation of spoiled brats takking advantage of any opportunity to get away with blaming the other guy for not being able to pay our bills. Living beyond our means is a way of life. The average credit card debt is $11,000. With the exception of those few who know how to manage their money it is abundantly clear that most of us do not care to, or even comprehend the concept of sacrifice, or budget. So, lets all rise up and keep the UI flowing until we have no choice but to figure out how to make money, or get used to living like paupers. Isn't time to be honest with ourselves. I better stop...another tale of woe is about to pop up on this forum for us to read and say "bless their heart".

  • Brian 5 years ago

    why are you on this site just to run your mouth,nobody wants to hear your comment.Give the 99ers a break they got enough to worry about


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