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Ohio kennel reports 18 dogs poisoned with antifreeze

One dog has been euthanized, and 17 others are still being treated for the effects of the poisoning
One dog has been euthanized, and 17 others are still being treated for the effects of the poisoning
Blue Ribbon Labs

When one of the Labrador Retrievers at an Ohio kennel starting having seizures, the grandson of the kennel owner rushed the dog to the vet, where he learned the dog had been poisoned with antifreeze, according to an article published today on That dog died at the vets office Friday while receiving treatment, and by the next day, 17 other dogs were being treated for antifreeze poisoning as well.

According a statement on the the Blue Ribbon Labs website, so far one dog has been euthanized because of the effects of the poisoning:

We sadly were forced to euthanize our English Male Storm who was raised from a puppy at our home to 8 1/2 years because of the effects of this poison. We are still caring for 17 of the remaining dogs who we have been able to save so far, some are still in a very critical condition and under great care at Masterson's Veterinary Clinic.

The first symptoms appeared on Friday morning. Tests confirmed that the dogs were poisoned with antifreeze. The dogs that survived were all treated with intravenous vodka, which is a key part of the treatment for antifreeze poisoning.

Most of the dogs have recovered enough to return home, where they are still being treated for the after effects. One of the dogs, Buffy, remains at the vet hospital after her fever jumped to 109 degrees.

Don Butts, owner of the kennel, speculates that someone poured the antifreeze in the dogs' drinking water. He says he has no idea who would do something like this to the dogs, but despite the fact that he is 73-years-old, he has started sleeping on the floor of his kennel to protect his dogs.

Butts told NBC4i that he has donated 33 of his lab puppies to a service dog training program that trains seeing eye dogs, and 79 other dogs from the kennel have gone to the Pilot Dog program which also trains dogs as service dogs for the visually impaired.

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