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Ohio hunters donate more than 1,100 deer to needy

Recently, I was sent an anti-hunting message by an organization I do not wish to promote. So let’s just say it was a large, well-financed organization that strongly opposes all hunting and fishing. Obviously, I do not.

Sure, there are good hunters and bad hunters. Bad hunters have disregard for all forms of life and often break laws that were carefully crafted to protect humans and wildlife.

But there are good hunters, too. In fact most hunters play by the rules. Yes, people hunt for sport, but ethical hunters only take what they will use. And some hunt to help the needy. Here’s an example:

Ohio hunters donated 1,170 white-tailed deer to local food banks to benefit Ohioans in need during the 2013 hunting season, according to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry and the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Food banks have received approximately 58,500 pounds of venison and 234,000 meals for needy Ohioans. One processed deer amounts to approximately 50 pounds of venison and 200 meals.

Venison donations will be accepted through the end of the deer-archery season on Feb. 2. Visit to find a local Ohio deer donation program.

Ohio ranks fifth nationally in hunter-donated venison, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Nationally, hunters provided more than 11 million meals to people in need.

Funny, that information I received didn’t mention any of this. It is obviously more interested in helping animals than needy humans.

Antique lure clinic coming up
The 5th annual Antique Fishing Lure and Tackle Clinic will be held Jan. 15-19 at Second Time Around Fishing Tackle Shop at 8640 North Dixie Drive.

The event is free and you may bring in any kind of fishing-related items for appraisal, consultation and evaluation, whether it is new, used, vintage or antique.

In addition to lures, you may bring in rods, tackle boxes and anything related to fishing.
Items can be bought or sold. For large amounts, call ahead.

There will be a different appraiser each day of the show and you may come as many days you would like. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. and Sunday noon-4 p.m.
For more information call Mike at (937) 475-7997.

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