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Ohio firearms instructor charged for unintentional shooting

An Ohio firearms concealed carry instructor, Terry J. Dunlap Sr., who unintentionally shot a student in class was charged yesterday with a misdemeanor charge of negligent assault. A special prosecutor appointed to evaluate the incident recommended in Feb. that no felony charges be filed.

Dunlap shot Michael Piemonte during a demonstration of a .38-caliber handgun, which resulted in a wound to Piemonte’s right arm. The shooting happened during a concealed carry training course last August. Dunlap was also involved in an accidental shooting in 1982.

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, the certification agency for firearms instructors in Ohio suspended Dunlap’s certification for one year last October but did not revoke his certification. Dunlap agreed to the suspension. Of the 2,663 concealed carry instructors certified in Ohio, 11 have had their certifications revoked since 2009. If Dunlap had been charged with a felony and convicted, his certification would have been revoked by law.

If convicted, he faces a possible sentence of 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. The OPOTC could also revoke his certification although a decision has not been made yet.

A brochure about Ohio Concealed Carry laws is available on the Ohio Attorney General website.

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