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Ohio Farmers Union asks Governor Kasich to veto green-energy standards freeze

On Friday Ohio Farmers Union president Joe Logan sent Governor John Kasich a letter urging him to veto Ohio Senate Bill 310, which would freeze Ohio's renewable energy and energy efficiency mandates enacted in 2008. Governor Kasich intends to sign the bill, the Columbus Dispatch reported on Thursday.

Logan believes that the environmental and economic efficacy of Ohio's current green energy standards will stand up to an objective state-sponsored study. He said that freezing the mandates for 24 months — despite broad support for them and growing evidence that they have had a positive impact on the state — would be a step backward for Ohio.

"While the legislation that enacted the current mandates was forward-thinking and would help to position Ohio as a leader in the 21st century energy economy, SB 310 appears to acquiesce to a set of narrow interests in the fossil fuel industry and their advocates in Columbus," Logan wrote in his letter to Kasich.

SB 310 would freeze annual increases in Ohio's green energy standards for two years while a special committee studies whether to make other changes to the standards, and repeal the rule that requires utilities to buy half of their renewable energy from suppliers within the state.

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