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Ohio exotic animal owners pleading for a miracle

Christmas morning wasn't a jolly good time for many Ohio exotic animal owners. Those able to block reality for a short time quickly remembered the fast approaching deadline of 5pm, December 31, 2013, to meet all the requirements of a new Ohio law.With many unanswered questions and excessive regulations to follow, many risk losing animals they have had for many years.

All sanctuaries and zoos testifying for the ban during state hearings testified they did not have the space or funds to take in animals displaced by SB 310. The newly built 2.9 million dollar facility in Reynoldsburg is only for temporary housing.

The law penalizes those attempting to keep animals long considered family members by forcing them to pay if a sanctuary with space is possibly found - even though the sanctuaries often choose animals most likely to generate donations, leaving "lesser" animals to meet their fate. To the owners having provided for these animals all along, there are no "lesser" animals.

An extension of at least six months to allow for expensive construction, some on frozen ground, and to be able to afford the requirements during a season notorious for expenses is within reason - if the hearts of some grow three sizes this day.

Merry Christmas

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