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Ohio executes killer: 2 drug cocktail executes rapist in first time application

Ohio executes killer: 2 drug cocktail executes rapist in first time application
Ohio executes killer: 2 drug cocktail executes rapist in first time application
Photo File, Wikimedia Commons

Ohio executes killer has topped headlines this week after the state corrections department confirmed that a new 2 drug cocktail was used to kill a man found guilty of raping and then murdering a pregnant woman back in 1989. This particular method of death is one that stands as a first time application, meaning it has never been used before to end a death row inmate’s life before here in the U.S. It is the Chicago Tribune that shares the latest information this Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014.

The convicted man was 53-year-old Dennis McGuire, who was officially pronounced dead under the 2 drug cocktail at 10:53 a.m. in eastern U.S. time on Thursday morning. The specific time and location of death in this Ohio executes killer case was revealed by the State Department of Rehabilitation and Correction later that afternoon.

At a local prison, McGuire was administered a fatal dose of the sedative midazolam as well as a special pain killer known as hydromorphone. The 2 drug combination was a mix that Ohio included as an alternative option of sorts. In the chance that the state was unable to utilize the more traditional pentobarbital — a drug which has been discouraged for use in legal executions by its own manufacturer — this application was to be dispensed instead.

A team of lawyers for the convicted rapist and killer, Dennis McGuire, went back to court this Monday to make a final appeal against the new 2 drug cocktail, claiming to a federal judge that because the combination had never been used before here in the U.S., it might put him at risk of intense pain and a frightening incapability of catching his breath before he became unconscious prior to death. However, the repeal was rejected by the judge due to medical factors suggesting that such a reaction would not occur.

According to the official press release on the Ohio executes killer story:

“U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost had said McGuire failed to demonstrate a substantial risk of severe pain in the first time application of the drug mix, though he also said that did not mean the court was convinced the execution would be pain-free or even complication-free.”

McGuire was found guilty in a court of law back in 1989 in the kidnapping, rape, and finally murder of Joy Stewart. The woman and mother-to-be’s body was discovered by wandering hikers traveling through a series of Ohio woods only a day after a witness stated that she was seen in McGuire’s company, concluded court records.