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Ohio Designer Craftsmen feature artist of turned wood forms

Showcased: Maple turned off axis, hand carved, dyed by Doug Fisher, Parksville, BC, Canada.
Showcased: Maple turned off axis, hand carved, dyed by Doug Fisher, Parksville, BC, Canada.
photo illustration: Ohio Designer Craftsmen

The Ohio Designer Craftsmen will feature artists of Turned Wood Forms now through March 28, 2010.  The exhibition will be held at the Ohio Craft Museum at 1665 West Fifth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212.  Hours are Monday through  Friday, 10 a.m./5p.m.; and Saturday-Sunday, 1-4p.m. During the exhibition only.  Admission and parking are free.

The name of this turned wood form showcase is: "Be Our Guest: A Progressive Invitational" featuring 15 established artists and their "guests".  The "guests" are comprised of 30 emerging artists gathering from all over the nation.  Some of the featured artists with include but are not limited to:  Christian Burchard, Ron Fleming, Binh Pho, Mark Sfirri, Betty Scarpino and Jacques Vesery.

Master artist John Jordan has invited Ed Kelle a New York woodturning artist.  Mr. Kelle discovered this passion after more than ten years of painting and graphic design.  He says, "Nothing compares to the experience of taking a piece of wood and watching a shape develop while revealing the secrets nature has hidden in its grain."  Kelle also notes, "Every piece is a new adventure and an opportunity to produce a one-of-a-kind object. Each day at the lathe is an exciting adventure, as I push myself to develop my art further and explore new directions." This Ed Kelle does while drawing on his knowledge base of all his previous life experiences.

Please join the ODC as they present Turned Wood Forms by Masters of the Medium and their Guests. This show will delight young and old and will give you a new understanding of just how beautiful a piece of wood can truly be when placed in an artists hands.  The Ohio Craft Museum receives ongoing funding from the Ohio Arts Council, The Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Columbus Foundation. 

For further information, telephone (614) 486-4402 and speak with Kim Nagorski's department; or visit the website at