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Ohio crash camera: Drivers oppose crash camera surveillance at intersections

At intersections in Ohio a crash camera mounted at intersections has made drivers uncomfortable and many are opposed to it. In fact, eight drivers in Dayton have filed a lawsuit against the city because they feel crash cameras violate due process rights and supersede the court system. NBC 4 News reported March 26 that after a central Ohio couple lost their daughter to a fatal accident at an intersection in 2002, they moved to have a crash camera placed at intersections to discourage drivers from running red lights.

Sarah Oberhauser, 31, was killed when a driver rushing to reach his destination drove through a red light and T-boned her.

In 2007, Sarah's family honored her death by testifying before lawmakers in an effort to create safer intersections.

"We have a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that was all taken away from her by one careless young man who ran a red light," said Sarah's father, Paul.

Paul and his wife, Sue, are the national co-chairs of the Traffic Safety Coalition, according to the report.

Sue feels Ohio crash camera surveillance help save lives at traffic light intersections.

The National Traffic Safety Coalition assert that the cameras have decreased the number of serious accidents since they've been used.

"You're talking small potatoes when you're talking about a $95 or a $130 fine. Think about the cost of one person being killed in a red light crash," Sue said. “The cost of a child growing up without a father or a mother."

Will the Ohio crash camera lawsuit result in removal of the cameras or is it a lost cause?

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